Friday, March 31, 2023

march 31 2023

we darn near have "pasta come .. sit,, pasta down... stay".... having a small problem with "ok"  
he is very good at "pasta eat that shoe".  thankfully someone sent me 2 pair.

I am trying to have him in and out of the car.. as we go around and about, and I did notice last time I went to put him in the car which is also into a crate in the car he gave me a little bit of resistance about getting in the crate which was necessary so the big dogs don't step on him so I realized I must make the crate more attractive and I went to shaws market up there in Newburyport the big market never occurred to me they wouldn't have a soup bone but they didn't so I had to buy a one of those leather things which was not as nearly as attractive I will find him a soup bone today which we will leave in his crate so that the only time he can chew on it is when he's in it and my guess is that will change his attitude about the crate meanwhile the rawhide is still in his crate and we have to take that away from my other dogs for fear they swallow the whole thing and I realized the soup bone is going to have marrow and I do think that marrow is responsible for a very loose stool ----right at the moment he has absolutely perfect poops.. and I hate to upset that however I don't want him to resent getting in the car.

he does follow me pretty well I will have no problem taking him with me to the senior places as long as I have a second person for emergencies and I still can pick him up which was helpful he will get to the point that I can't lift him and that's going to be a problem but we work through these things one problem at a time.


his sister has arrived in Hamilton and she apparently would like to go with us to some of our senior residences which we will line up sometime in the next couple of weeks.


I'm not sure why I'm reminded of  The punch line ---at least---about the old man who says”. I don't drink and I don't swear but G, I left my beer in the bar”. Something like that..  I really cannot see without glasses now----- well let me rephrase it I can't read the labels on the prepackaged dinners cressy market..   and I inadvertently came home with asparagus..  one of those green slippery things that I don't eat .


Now what to do about larkey and sizzle who took off over at Meredith and were gone for far too long and did not come when they were called ----luckily Meredith is bounded on one side by the Ipswich river so we were pretty sure that they didn't get too far away but they were chasing something and did not come when they were called ----that's gonna be the end of that party until I could get better control over them and I hate to say it but damn it it is a case where the electric collar might have to be used -----I toot that horn on my car and I expect them to turn around and come back to me immediately and they've been pretty good until yesterday--  I say pretty good ---I've been complaining for a month now about the fact that larkey when I call him will very clearly say "I'll be with you in a few minutes"--- and I don't like that. when I call him he's supposed to come immediately so he would be the first one with the E. collar.... so now I have to locate them and get them charged up and tested..

 I do have all kinds I must have six that people have given me over the years and I have all variety from vibration to shocking ..I personally have used one only one time. with a doberman that was killing cats.. I put that collar on him and borrowed a barn  cat.  I caught him with his mouth open right over the cat push the button and he flipped over... and he was terrified of cats ever since...   there are places like a dog that chases cars but you have to catch them when they start focusing on the car because you don't want to shock them once they've started chasing for fear they jump sideways into the car' path... . It is a very powerful tool in dog training but it has tremendous limitations because you can make a nervous wreck out of any dog.


Time to write the news article they didn't put one in last week what they used that picture of mine about voting... instead. 

Thursday, March 30, 2023

 march 30 2023

another hay load paid for. so i willlllllllllll. get 4 more signed books figured out today for thank you gifts...---- and a huge thanks to the senior living place who is now organized to collect $1.00 from 10 residents they can stay "involved" in the rescues...and the explore cameras....( they have A PERSON TO WORK THE TV)

rescues as of now has become dane rescue--- apparently a friend of janines did rescue the ?sister of pasta...and she is now in this area also... i. am sure we can organize a reunion. on camera........ i have started her on the spoon bit too.... elizabeth already has 4 rescues-- one a dane....

yesterdays merry wanderings lead me to noting the huge difference between the atmosphere of senior drop in centers that we go to....

the mood gets set very quickly by the receptionist between "hi, come on in. there's chairs and coffee i will be with you in a minute". and "hello- there are people here- i can't talk right now"  both of which happened to me in. the past few days.. the Hello person was perfectly dressed...and the place was Quiet--- library quiet..... the Hi person very practically dressed.---- pity being that the extremely well dressed one would probably be hired first but .. in my opinion runs the least interesting drop in center. -- and then there is the other extreme totally discheveled- talking far too fast for me to get every word....but all 32 of "her people" were actively engaged as she ran around taking pictures and making conversation... the place rattled with activity...

i am not sure why some think that old folk need library quiet--\-- and quiet is isolating...being deaf is isolating anyway regardless of age.

and another   in my opinion.......there is another geographic difference-- when you go in the first door.... the sooner and warmer you are greeted the better.... so the receptionist desk should be readily accessible.. covid presents alot of necessary variations--- but topsfield has a very lovely senior center all set up with scrabble and coffee... after you go thru a door, down a hall with doors to other town offices... like "assessors office" to a poorly marked but very nice new elevator to the 3rd floor-- brightly lit new construction behind a shut door... labeled meeting...

lovely people--- cheerful and pleasent.... but the handicap parking was one heck of a hike to the scrabble set.

there are such variations... amesbury -- nice place immediately you are in a coffee shop atmosphere which may or may not be the bus station... danvers-- immediately you are in a "big room with people". and the receptionist is right there to direct you to places in the building.

most all have activities directors and some, a chef,and an exercise person every day.

 and 131 out of 133 have a black "smart tv"- 130 have lost the remote----one place said it was too expensive to run ....-- our camera people came up with.. monthly cost of tv was about $3.

i am still. waiting for some stroke of brilliance.. why cant the tv's be more user friendly.? that is because they are designed to do too much...4000 chanels if you can find the one you want..

Home | Crazy Acres

i am told by CP Deb. that this will get you to crazy acres

the cameras -- watch live--along with this daily doggie...

and this gets you to donating a $10 bale of hay

here's Pasta learning the ropes all by himself

at a great senior center

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

 mar 29 2023

oh shoooooot-- i had some letters and thinking to do and forgot to do this dd. would you believe it???
many thanks to everyone who paid for yesterdays hay----95 bales-- which ended up in our barn because we did not have enough people to unload who had already signed releases... who can blame him.. .. there are trucks going back and fortth daily so they can distribute to pastures from here just as well..

pasta  did 53 people yesterday-- along with larkey siz and jm... he was a huge hit-- as was of course larkey...add that to the 19 from turtlewood. we have 72 for the week so far.  we will do some merry  pop-ins today--- whe they have said "anytime". 

thanks to the 4700 people who sent me the 21 dane pups-----most alarming to me was the number of harlequins.... from a brown/brindle???? genetically i do not know how that happened ... even if the father was a harl--- now everyone will be breeding brindles and harls  to get harls-- and the rest will be oddly colored green dogs..

the 4 guys were thrilled to unload hay and hoped to "work around"..... wowowoooooooo goldy at it again...can you imagine 14 able bodied men wanting to do community service----- the word here is rehab---i am delighted to offer work for rehab....  oh boys  !!!!    am i delighted......fences painting all. the  "upkeep" type things no one has done in 10 years....

i have said every penny of the hay bale money would go to hay... and when they offered to unload it, i was going to give them $20 eachand i would have to tell all of you about the $20 that was noit for actual hay. except//..... they returned the $20's. so we are back to  your $10 being just hay..... i will be very specific... hay only

not even the wonderful salad  lunch from pannera--- would someone please figure out what is the salad dressing on. their apple salad?

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

mar 28 2023

wow-- the phone calls and emails about the sound stopping and then the camera swung away from mail call.... very strange...  10 years ago Charlie and i shook hands re  the cameras and activities.....seems unlikely he would make any changes without talking to me... so until told differently by Charlie.... i will make no changes in my activities..
i will be---- no... make that ... i expect to the mail call desk..... before 4:00 to do some pasta training....i tried for 3:30 but that was too long.  10 min training is more like it. he is doing very nicely.... he did his first senior living job yesterday and was a sterling model..  we transport him in a crate so no one steps on him-- in the back of my forerunner with sizzle larkey and jiminey---there is no extra room..... the place we were going -- turtle woods-- was totally carpeted -- even the dining room where we were to go--- so they were worried... we wanted to spread a shower curtain-- and had stopped at shaws market to get one--- they had none...BUT.... JAMIE WORKS THERE AND GOT US A BIGGGGG BAG USED FOR RECYCLING.. SO JUDY AND PASTA STARTED on that... SOON REPLACED BY CINDY AND PASTA/. cindy lives there.  i spoke/ answered questions for a full hour. it seemed to go over really well.  and pasta was of course a hit--- as was the 3...
pasta poo is perfect..i don't know what they were feeding- but we switched straight to purina without any 1/2 and 1/2 introduction...  there is a lesson there.... 
plans for the day????  last night 3 more horses came in from penna--  a tired draft, a poorly behaved dutch harness horse( for wallace to work with) and a a slightly "off" ( lame) carriage horse for rehab 
and we are ready for another load of hay.. the rain will-- according to the news .. stop about 10am so we should be fine.. got to try and contact the 3 men/guys we met at dunkin donuts  and see if they can help meridith..
I think you should call him Pesto, not Pasta. The "a" ending sounds like it should be a girl. JMHO 
In lots of moden latin languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese etc) there are masculine and feminine nouns. The ones with an "a" on the end are feminine; with an "o" masculine.  Just so you know....ann 

pesto would have been good too -- but we can not have both... they sound too much alike..
ella report
She keeps me up so she can watch Dr Pol she loves him. If I am watching television in the living room she will come and get me to turn on the television to her channel for her she is so funny.... john
thank you for the hay help. link below. $10 a bale -- i think with the next 3 large horses we might have to go for the  max load of 95 bales. really really realy tied down for the trip home on rt 95- i  woulnd't dare do the rt 1  because the newburyport bridge over the merrimac is in terrible pothole shape and might bounce the load too much... 95 bales in that big trailer is  alot..

Monday, March 27, 2023

 mar 27 2023

i was attacked --  large gash in my arm....before you decide it was a dog. or poor little pasta.... it was the dishwsher--- is there anyone out there kind enough to tell me. "You. are too old to use the dishwasher"  no such luck.... turns out..... if you pull out both "drawers" just a bit.... load cups  on the top and  then decide to add a handful of forks and spoons in the bottom.....-- that thing holding up the top drawer has one heck of a sharp edge. 
i had a similar problem with my sequoia--- bottom corner of the door-- really square and sharp...i still have the scars from those.... note multi....encounters.

the morning pasta poo report...  2 deposits   one 6" cylinder and a matched pair of 3" ones.  picked and flushed with the minimum of effort. actually less effort than what they made me do at curves.

i have been carrying him arouind when i have to-- which is less and less...  the concept of picking him up daily has occurred to me--so eventually i could hoist the 170 pounds he may become.

he is mingling with my 3 this morning-- i am trying not to have any food or treats be available that they might get fighting over..

we go to cindys place today-- and they have requested a tarp or shower curtain... under the pup...  we should be able to manage... i buy tarps by the carton----( and i think we have a carton of 6 x 10's  which we use for leaf management.  and a couple extra 20x 30 to cover the donkey cafe--- i never thought we would get thru the winter without ruining one top... but we did.... rain will do it too if we don't hhave a few knife slits carefully placed 
if a puddle even starts where you least expect it, it will only get bigger and heavier even if you thought the water should collect somewhere else...

if all goes well i should be camera ready with him at 3:30-- i have the list of lynns need for cici's pu ps-- i don't think there is anything i need ------my expanding girth is doing really well as a  heated puppy bed.
now let me try for a picture here....

lachey's lessons in peeing 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

 mar 26 

 florida dan.....  wrote a keeper-- "as the steward of the  Endowment,  I'm responsible for spending the money wisely."-- well --- crazy acres could be called an assett so i too must figure out how to share it wisely"..seems to me we could do a better job.

i am working on it.

puppy Pasta is doing just fine... almost slept all night on the low heating pad ( covered by two towels...) by the time he came into my lap it was 2:30 and i was awake anyway ...\

Big excitement of the day is that bud found a crate for me which will fit just behind the passenger's seat and have the door pointed at the driver side door so hopefully the first thing I can do is put the puppy in the crate and then load my three dogs which we'll have to jam themselves in but they're used to that and we will trump ourselves over to Meredith farm this morning where I can let the big dogs run and I don't know what I'm gonna do with the pasta. we this is the play by play episode I cannot turn him out loose with my 3 who are in high gear I'm afraid they would play too roughly with him... I think Elizabeth is over there this morning.. I like to get in and out early because I think Tim that owns the place plans on having family things on Sunday and I don't wanna confuse that issue with dogs running all over the place...


how could I possibly forget to give the pastas poopie report... one last night and one this morning both very nice cylinders heaven  knows he's eaten enough it ought to begin to come out of him he's gone through two cans of wet food and considerable amount of dry food which I'm keeping in a plastic bag and dampening it there so I give my handful every once in a while and he has fresh water.


I su---vived a lamb chop for breakfast--  so I'll leave that and then go to Meredith very shortly.. When you buy lamb chops you don't want to buy the biggest ones because those are sheep chops ....and are considerably different than lambchops


Cell phones—boy did  Judy and I ever have fiasco in the process of trying to pick up pasta at a Dunkin' Donuts in Lee MA..  Judy estimated we went around that Dunkin' 6 times in the process of trying to find license plates from Georgia which we found some make a phone call.. the phone call got terrible as only phone calls can get.

I tried to call Janine to say we were at the location.... and in the process a man's voice came on that I didn't recognize.. I was sitting in judy's car... and Judy was in a restaurant next door and she called her husband which the car picked up which was also working on my call to Janine so we had four people four different phones and the car all connected that sounds OK but boy would that be a bad thing if you didn't know you were talking to three different people at a time that could have bad overtones.. almost like the other night when I heard people talking and I thought Alexa had gotten going and that wasn't the case it was the fact that pasta had stepped on my my my necklace and had basically called 911 ... luckily Carly got in it and determined that it wasn't Alexa it was my life support but these overlapping of dictations and it's bad it's bad.


We should have a few extra people here today and I must try and line one of them to help and go get and unload  hey because I think we are just about through that last double load that we got... so thank you to all the many people who are helping us with this hay project with your $10 donations---the link ls under my signature.... hopefully.   With you all helping with the hay, I have more left for other projects.. like pasta projects


If this crate works well and he doesn't outgrow it by tomorrow he will be going with us on these senior residence businesses -----we have a good one tomorrow that will should be fun it's where Cindy lives...   and she is the one who got so screwed up with me and the pasta maker so we should have fun tomorrow with the puppy .

Saturday, March 25, 2023

 mar 25 2-023

Pasta is with us !!   we are hard pressed for names that don’t sound like one of my  other Pasta.  with .Sizzle...Jiminey Cricket... and Malarky.  works.

An 11 week old great dane pup was rescued from a horse auction in South Carolina-and landed  at Crazy  Acres on Friday--- with absolutely no information about the pup’s health or disposition,  we are going to see how long it takes us to get  him to pass an AKC canine good citizen test.—I will try and keep you posted at 3:30 daily ---about Pasta’s progress or lack thereof .. Right at the moment.  We are less that 24 hours into the training--- my classic ice tea spoon training—and I think he has got it... when his bum hits the floor.. some nice canned food arrives at his nose... At 11 weeks---he’s  ready for his rabies shot next week...

My usual.... is to really watch the dog/pup to see what they let me know... hunger is always a big issue... but in this pup’s case, he had a great deal to say about the  fact that ...heat rises !!  I had him all set up in our kitchen. Which is ... at eye level...73 degrees.. by actual laser temp gauge... ( technically an infared thermometer------one of my favorite toys just about like what they put on your forehead at lahey) , I spread an old towel or two for a nice bed.. at least I thought so.  I fed him—and expected him to settle—but he just wouldn’t so I got down on the floor with him..... and I wasn’t too comfortable either....Out came my laser temp taker toy... and the floor was a mere 64 with the ceiling rafter 77... I could check the draft around a window-  the heat from the refrigerator motor...they are not expensive but can save a lot of heat...

My poor dane.... is not a saint Bernard with the fluffy coat and whiskey barrel around his neck... he was cold... as was I..

 I would not be happy sleeping on a 64 degree floor either.. so he spent a full night sleeping on my 83 degree lap in the recliner. So if you have been told ”just a dog” belongs on the floor.... well you just  put yourself in his place literally--- especially when the dog is stuffed in some crate which is put under a window leaving the poor dog to grin and bear the cold breeze from leaky gaskets.

Or better yet... buy a infared thermometer .

Thursday, March 23, 2023

 march 23 2023

welllllll........i guess i. must.....  it started out so simple as things often do......
janine was at a horse auction in s.carolina and there was a litter of dane pups
she has never seen a litter of any dogs at a horse auction. - but this was danes... and the mother and
father were there.. for whatever reason ( health of humans? ) they needed to be rescued  that day.

Both my daughters are respectable animal people and both said that the parents were nice looking animals with a leg in each corner---- so the simple start to all this was that Janine bought a puppy with the idea that I train it basically for her..  and that's how it started. the pup..a  male ... is a Brindle basically brown with black.  But as the auction finished no one wanted the runt of the litter. A black female .. So the owner -- who by the way had heard of me...approached Janine and asked if  she wouldn't take the runt also also..... of course ! not a problem.. Janine had full faith in  the fact that I could Take on two pups because she knew that 2 pups is infinitely easier  for me than one lone pup .  


that's when a bystander got in the conversation about how stupid Great Dane puppies were.. and Janine knowing better..  got right in the the argument..  now I don't know whether this conversation ran over into cocktail hour or not but it certainly sounded like there is more to this story that I don't know about... sum and substance being that this person is apparently someone Janine knows .. Has put up what I consider a considerable sum of sum of money Betting whether or not I can turn these two puppies into canine good citizens---there's actually no time frame involved with the bet...somewhere in here I did get a phone call... would I ?  ...  certainly... it was a good  goal--- I have done so many. Times already...  and our camera people would enjoy watching the process very closely...( great danes) 


NOW---------why  I got into edgar guest’s poem  “somebody said that it couldn’t be done” last week I do not know---  but it fits right in...  the only  negative... and the fear is great—is all the people who will watch and tell the world I shouldn’t... and am  a fool to try... I am doing things all wrong--- and just lurk in the sidelines of the internet for a photo or a sound byte that can be distorted to use for their own benefit.  Been there... I. have had that happen...  those who know me and have watched me for years know that as foolish as I am—the dogs love me and become “educated”


I am sure there will be photos   and sound bites to be used  against me – for whatever reason—I am bound to have strange things happen---   but  I can not let the fear stop me---so please all you camera people   get ready.... it should be fun--- get out your ice tea spoons ---and lets try and train 2 pups.  I will try and get in front of the usuall  camera about 3:30 daily. after my nap and Just before mail call, so you can see first hand what is happening.   I guarantee nothing.... but I hope to win that bet with dogs passing the akc canine good citizen test.  do not expect miracles—I have not even met these pups yet....  the only reason not to take this on... is fear of  the internet cameras... so please all you who have been around for a while—don’t let the naysayers shoot me down. However I would love to talk with anyone who can replicate the photo from yesterday...


yesterday....... I needed a screwdriver- and I do have a pretty good tool kit in the back of my car.....also in the back of my car were 3 big danes..... so I asked them to step out of the car and let me find the screw driver..... and they did that... not a problem—they stood there patiently while I looked thru the mess which is my car.  Judy came along and took a picture.. because she thought it strange to see  all 3 were just standing in the mall parking lot—cars... people...busses... and my 3 dogs no leash no collars..... I found the screwdriver ( it is my favorite with 5 different “heads” )  I asked the dogs to jump back in... they did..... for me   that is normal dog behavior. Judy said maybe  her one dog would be ok... but 3???


I love to “discuss” ( aka argue) dog training—and my weapon of choice is an ice tea spoon.  Stay tuned..

.p.s.... the cameras are at— and scroll thru the  available cameras for our  great danes---

 Besides ---you might find the pandas or eagle nest more interesting – there are sooooo  many cameras—no commercials... no charge... 

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

 march 22 2023

from unsinkable molly brown----What's goin  on here? ain't no one ever seen a shoe before???

give me another 2 days..... i ain't talkin  yet--- but  let me remind you all of Goldie-- our Guest Of the Left hand  Drawer--( to which my  cp friend Dan  gives a more religious name)
months ago. i decided (maybe--- at goldie's insistance) to  push for dog parks-- a perfectly reasonable bell. to ring....  i don't know why i thought "somebody said that it couldn't be done" was an appropriate topic for the dd... why did i start going to curves to ??? get more limber??? for what????------last week i asked janine  where did i keep the 8 danes  that i traveled with? (the back "condo" room totally unused now)  -- getting my small trailer ready for donkeys seemed semi logical...----.there is this oncoming pack burro race in october....------.why did judy take on  some "jobs' where the person asked for more different ducks , animals or pups..a.. ----who was that wonderful woman we met at whole foods yesterday who lives in topsfield and has just retired- looking for amusement-- as is her husband ( wow another man??? to go to rehabs with us????)
and lastly ( so far) ...why.... did janine at another auction near aikin south carolina-  while talking to "some person" say "wanna bet?" when they offered  to donate another animal to ERN who needed rescuing..  they made the comment  " but you can't. xxxxxxxxxx"   which waved the red flag in front of the bull... and janine. with edgar guest's poem in her head  thought "i can't say that til we've tried...".. which turned into a wager with significant  money involved ... Then knowing i too love a challange....and really did not have enough to do.... took on the "bet" 
which sounds like great fun and will fit in  with minimum distortion for a few months.  ---- my poor toyota. i can still haul the hay--- snow plow on the front, trailer on the back, and 600 pounds of dog in the car.  my sequoia would have been better... but   we can't say so til we have tried....and we have the pieces....

now if ira toyota would........... :)
 hey nick. got any low mileage  sequoias???????

now i have to go look up the rest of the words to that  molly brown.  -----hmmmmmm.  isn't a "molly mule" the definition of  which combination of donkey and horse. male/female ?    molly..... now there is a name.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

 march 21 2023

As of February 1st when Judy got back from vacation she and I started a campaign of seeing at least 100 people in the various daycare centers around eastern Massachusetts , and had been to 133 Of those kind of places last year.. which is where we found that 131 of them had lost the remote to their TV. their smart TV making it a very stupid TV.   . Four days a week when Judy is here --once the daily dog is written and we are caffeined up ,  we load my 3--- four or five dogs in the car along with some paraphernalia like a frying pan and cookies.. and we go to usually two places a day where we have set up a previous appointment.  and we make careful note of the number of people we've seen who patted the dogs ----- so far making 100 a week has not been a problem.


It really is a very fun project---- the people love to see us coming ---and are very quick to make another calendar appointment usually before we leave. some of these places it is just wandering through which is very helpful to the staff... someplaces we play with the frying pan and the cookies.. in some places I speak for about an hour all the funny things from the movie business. Whatever ... we are usually totally off the property till about 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon which becomes my nap time.... so there's a lot going on here that I just don't know about.


I hate to admit this but I am totally reliant on three. Men.... to keep the place at least basically functional..  bud who's been around for 14 or 15 years. mark who has made us look good..   and chip whose head is very level.... I don't know the daily doings... I don't know one dog from another there's so many black and white that look alike... I do on occasion stop my car and sit and watch and think and wonder... but I am not actively involved in anything that's going on since January.   I do wonder about the raw statistics. Of. SDP... basically how many how much?

but doing anything about it is not my problem.. 


I have learned in the past three years, that when you fire someone,  or tell someone that they cannot have a service dog or make them unhappy....   for whatever reason, that they will be extremely unhappy and will  be allowed to attack you unmercifully, on the Internet. this has been very difficult for me to deal with, My often “less than polite personality” Is also displayed somewhere declaring I am an SOB .. I do not deny that.   Thankfully  it is  made  slightly easier by The many emails I get supporting whatever my sin apparently was... Those attacks have been replicated. and used as sound bites in discussions  years later.    Most currently--I was warned not to put any problem with my dogs in the daily doggy because that would enable my enemies to say “say she should not have a puppy she can't take care of what she's got” which was the basis for my telling everyone I would now feed my own dogs... which is  a pain in the neck because I was enjoying being lazy... but i have no trouble feeding 3... or now 4. all by myself.


Having everyone ready to jump down my throat for one reason or another for the past 10 years... has taking its toll. but there is no way I can allow fear of the Internet  population to in any way inhibit my enjoyment of life in general.... I enjoy dogs and training puppies ....and I enjoy having people see what a trained dog is like. 

I enjoy people only when they are laughing...  which is not often enough.

Monday, March 20, 2023

 mar 20 2023

so help me.....  "warning ----the news you are about to hear may be disturbing for some"---- and i expected the usual murder and mayhem- and there was a quick shot of someone deceased.. but the next topic was far more disturbing.. it was the news of th FAA being more than slightly screwed up-- with statements like "often can not even see the runways because of "weather"..  or "2 different traffic controlers manning 2 different runways and not in communidcation with each other".   things like that....i didn't know there was a traffic control college--- i don't think i ever heard of anyone wanting to grow up to be a traffic control person...
trouble now is  i hardly ever hear of anyone wanting to grow up at all...

no hay trip this week... i did a double trip last week because of the predicted snow storm-- which was rain-- and equally as bad in the hay department.  i need to organize another person to help unload at meridith... 80 bales is alot for elizabeth- tho she has done  it... an after school athlete sounds good except  that would  closely run me into 4:00 mail call...
 you'all are doing great  helping with the bale board.  it should  be alot easier when the pasture grass grows....minus any drought problems.

i am amused to report several people have started my mother's poem on the mirror with kids ( or grandkids)-- mother had another oddity.. well actually she had alot of oddities.... she kept a big dictionary on her desk. and she had a slip of paper with a weekly list of about 8 words to work into her conversations..that week...

now this news ----which i have not  yet disclosed--- i am waiting til it is fact--- and that should be the 24th, involve Lee MA.. and the word brown. 
 have at it guys -- it is a good one !!
mom say you go lookie
fo da pans wif da cookies

doesn't get any better than that 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

 mar 19 2023

shltting report -- still perfect. tho i think jiminey has something on his mind... he was acting just a little strange yesterday

Somebody said that Edgar Guest ( 1881) should have been a more prominent poet.. with His quiddity. By the time he gets to the third paragraph  he has the internet down pat....

There are thousands to prophecy  failure-

 there are thousands to point out to you one by one

 the dangers that wait to assail you

but just start to sing...... and tackle the thing....

ok Edgar, I am on it.

Actually--- we daily doggers....have a camera person  in pagosa springs   where my sister lives-- ? carol?   So if you happen to see Fran and you say to her  “somebody said that it couldn’t be done”  I bet you a nickel she will recite the whole thing  word for word... and she is 4 years older than me.

It was one of the poems my mother stuck on our mirrors pretty much weekly...  and we got $1 to memorize them---- “If” by Rudyard  Kippling hung in the hall—and earned $10...( now hangs behind my kerigg coffee maker.  The concept is planted half way between my 2 ears)


I never got to the bloodied unbowed head of Invictus, but I knew about it.


Moving on.  Karl is with us once again.... I had started the come/back up. With him last time he was here... to be continued..   larkey—his brother /littermate?  Enjoys bugging him and chases him up onto my bed regularly...


Judy said we “engaged” 129 people last week- the last bunch were in an assisted living place.

 There is a distinct bifurcation in living assists....

. 1.  You open the door to enter and leave..

 2. You ask staff to come poke the password which will open the door for you..


I remember....... judy was having one bunch of altziemer patients “help” her by coloring some poo pickers with crayons—and one man wrote on his “a ralph hemmings original” – ok... who was he in his previous life to even know about originals???


Like the guy who told staff he trained horses for the movies—they all sat him in the corner ----thought he was nuts, until I came along and verified I had borrowed his horse many times.....

 You just never know what is behind the mind...

Saturday, March 18, 2023

 mar 18 

so far perfect shltting on all three dogs....

the reports of my incapacitation are premature... some of the antics of people with not enough to do are a bigger pain in the butt than all the stretching curves could design... 2 tylenol will rid me of curves pains-- but the internet????? give me a break.... there are parts of me that are working just fine.

 if 2 wrongs don't make a right--- in this business 2 rights can indeed make a wrong-- which happened with jiminey and the broken plate

i left  a snack on a plate to give the dogs when i let them in from "A" field and went to take a nap.  that was "right". they were locked in "A" 

someone came along and probably the dogs were at the gate and looked like they wanted to get in the house-- so they let them in... another " right"

so how someone on the internet could decide " that's why they don't want to give you another puppy because you can't take care of the 3 you have" 

so let me straighten that one out.

sdp staff has been feeding my 3 dogs at 7 am and 4 pm... not because i. am incapacitated, but rather i was somewhat lazy and did not see why it would be an unreasonable request to have them feed mine too.... that has enabled some internet lurkers to decide to knock me about.... ok... that is the end of that---... i will now feed my own 3 dogs-- without anyone's any one who was so critical. you will notice....all 3 at problem. will take all of 30 seconds... now i hope anyone who took that tack will get on the internet and post that i am obviously capable of caring for any animals i own-- along with being capable of hiring someone if necessary-- which is what another group got into. " why doesn't her family..." 

 If i should have the worst behaved dogs on the property, then we can talk about if i should have another dog.... HOWEVER........,

OH how i miss paper records.... whenever i had to help in one office or another i had a way of marking the charts of troublemakers.. on the back of their chart i would put a small circle with a dot in the middle to signify that this person was an #$%^&*()_hole.

now i will forgive anyone who passed around that garbage

if they go buy a bale of hay

Friday, March 17, 2023

 mar 17

well i survived the curves---- basically 30 minutes stretching one part or another...-- i don't feel it too badly and would go back today but we ( judy sizzle larkey and jim) have 2 differnet jobs today.  2 rehabs in danvers....  that should make our 100 for the week... i hope judy is on her toes today-- there could be excitement-----
yesterday -- i put the 3 dogs out in "A" ... nice day there is a pile of twigs they are convinced is harboring squirrels( or rats) for entertainment.
 i left 6 pieces of my lunch to give them when i brought them back in--- problem was... i left the treats  on a plate on the counter...- should have been ok...and i went to nap-- i never heard someone  else let them in--- nor did i hear the crash of that plate hitting the floor... soooo all 3 of my dog spent a few minutes cleaning up the  pieces of correlle  covered with bbq chicken  ----before  a cp  notified lynn who sent someone here to clean up-- i never heard that either... so when i got up  there was an email--- and i rushed about feeding sticks of butter and bread-- then fed them a big supper. with hopes that it pushes whatever they swallowed thru their system..  and quickly-----
so---- loose stool to the point of diarrhea would be a welcome sight today even if  we are "on stage" --- because ... yesterday's dr pol was about loosing a dog who swallowed a toothpick...

i can not even think straight. . 

Thursday, March 16, 2023


mar 16 2023

This computer never ceases to amaze me with how it can screw up something and this morning it's changing all the e-mail addresses instead of an @ yeah. it's putting a percentage sign  %. and for a while I thought it was a legitimate.. The first time it happened was someone in Britain so I figured it was just some new Gmail kind of thing till 15 minutes later I got it back rejected..what really confuses me is... it is not all of them... just some..and I can not see what the difference is

In the list I pulled. 1,2 are % 3 is @ --- 4,5 % ------ 6,7 ,8 ok ---- 9 %-- a lot are yahoo. But not all... computers  are supposed to have a reason....mine is  super creative.

Speaking of creative--- a reminder if you have not seen the ted lecture on creativity- by  ken Robertson. I highly recomment-plus it is good for lots of laughs.

And I thought of it....... when I went to Curves, to look them over.... the very pleasant woman running the joint mentioned in passing that she was a dance major......i immediately  thought of that lecture about the ADHD kid who could not sit still who got into dance  to become choreographer for  Andrew Lloyd Webber  and did Phantom of the opera--- Jesus Christ Superstar—and things  like that.  So here was another outlet for a dance major...

I had always put dance majors on a parr with political science majors—and we all know how successful they have become at producing humor for the entire world.

So this “curves” ( or in some cases Buldges) is very well organized....they have 10 push me pull you type machines and very cleverly... a mat on the floor between them ( doubling their capabilities)  the TV in the background has someone bending and stretching and tooting a horn every minute or so to tell everyone  to shift one place clockwise-  well... I think I can do all the machines and they will be good for me... but the 60 seconds of  bend and stretch standing on a mat may be more than I can do- but I will have a go at it...


It was interesting to go thru all the questions she was told to ask—like what part of me did I want to work?   I did not laugh out loud... she worked very hard to get  me to sign up for a year of series for regular “classes” or even a home version...   prepaying a year for anything was not in my playbook...  but I would try and get there 10:30 today looked like an interesting  bunch of women...  but totally strange to me.


I will certainly be  using muscles that  I never intended to move...By tomorrow I may  be totally incapacitated .but I will try,