Tuesday, October 31, 2023

 10. 31 late,,,,

Too. Much too soon and  too steep and too  cold... that sums up today... but on we go !!~


It is about Chelsea--- we have a adult center to go to there today... and my last experience with Chelsea was  the place was on the side of a cliff.  Where it took 2 dogs and judy to hold back my walker from shooting of into boston harbor... I considered calling off the visit today... then judy comes along and says “oh it’s  not the same place....”... but on the map... it is darn close.... I think I put in the dd last time that if it was not for siri we never would have found it----- ok all you googlers... last time was Lafayette st?  in Chelsea.. this time 201 Captains row----chelsea...


Ihad hoped to stay home ans straighten out the “boards” with you all... and get the last “winners” presents in the mail ... along with finding my chair...


I got a notice that the motor for the chair was $175—so that will be an battle – the chair never worked right when I got it.last January and the warranty should......, but I bet that is another argument....


Along with getting the henny penny and hay boards numbers and GIFTS” straightened out--- there is the IRS ( tomorrow is a deadline...) then the real problem... getting my stove hooked up... it is darn cold today ...32 degrees almost freezes   me and water !


So here’s a good mule story

*****this is taken from  camron adibi's newsletter----
Most think of mules as being stubborn. Those who have spent time with a mule know these four-legged animals are highly intelligent and spiritual beings. I met Clyde thanks to my friend Betsy. Clyde was a companion to Bruno. Betsy asked me to give Bruno massages to help with physical injuries. Right away, I could tell Clyde was not only studying everything that I did, he was helping. 

Clyde and Bruno are both rescues. Clyde was a draft mule for Amish farmers who use mules instead of modern farm equipment. 

Clyde is one of the success stories. He lives a good life at a private riding center, thanks to his current owners. I have been working with Clyde helping him with his rehabilitation. He has arthritis and is learning his new environment. Now, in his early to mid twenties, he does not have a job. I am investigating if he can be a therapy mule. This is the first mule who I have worked with, and boy, I love him!

Our work together has been simple. Several days per week, we walk around the property together. I am teaching him basic commands. After our walk, I give him a body massage to help with his physical health and release some of his trauma. 

He is slowly learning to trust me. I am very deliberate and clear when I work with him but kind and offer tons of praise. 

In Native American culture, the mule is a spiritual representation of balance and harmony. Clyde is searching for something much deeper than the material comforts of food, water or shelter. He wants to be seen by another who understands him. Mules are known for their hard work and being sure-footed. When I see Clyde, I see strength, patience and determination. He will not give up even when he has every reason to give up. Many have let him down in his lifetime. 

Mules are also known to be incredibly loyal and protective. Now that I have entered into Clyde’s world, I have a responsibility. I have to carry out his mission. And what is his mission? To help others who lost their way, either four-legged or two-legged. This old warrior wants to give back.

That is strength.

Monday, October 30, 2023

 DD 10 30

i wrote this to  mail to all the new commers. but am stuck trying to get them uploaded to constant contact. so you may eventually get this twice.   


Welcome. to the world of the Daily Doggie...

Written early morning at Eastern standard time- B.C.( before caffeine) it usually contains the schedule of the day for the animals at Goldys Farm.

I realized newcomers might need a “CAST OF CHARACTERS”  IN ORDER TO BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND things like.....why I would be crossing the Mystic Tobin bridge  at 4am with  a car full of 15 roosters.

These crazy acres have a history--- It started as a 4H kids yearly  circus-which evolved to ANIMAL EPISODES which provided all kinds of animials for hundreds of  movies, commercials and “appearences”(LIKE A ROOSTER FOR A MOVIE  FILMED IN HARVARD SQUARE) ......  which evolved to Service Dog Project which donated over 200 Great Danes to people with mobility problems..... which evolved to  not only Danes... but “something else” to entertain at senior facilities..... to be joined by Equine Rescue Network which rescues – mostly donkeys,mules, and horses from the slaughter auctions in Pennasylvania... which are then made healthy ( when necessary)  and retrained, and rehomed throughout New England..... All these animals and the acres involved are  “used” as an entertaining   fresh air destination for busses  of seniors -,veterans. and sometimes students..


The names of people involved would be ..

**Carlene. At age 86... started all these things.. now retired. But does the daily doggie at 7 am  and Mail Call  5pm Mon to Fri. lives on the property...can be very VOCAL.. can back up trailers..and train dogs......usually.sees over 100 assisted living folk weekly with 3 Danes  she trained.

**Janine – daughter--- equine oriented expert— forced to become among other things....a  computer camera expert- she too can back up a horse trailer (critical in our lives)

**Judy- manages entertaining seniors.... we try  to  see  100 people a week with our animals... mostly danes.....  Ex airline—flys easily---like to Copenhagen and back with a puppy in 24 hours.

**Elizabeth-  from  Scotland ( you can’t miss the accent- husband Nick)  manages mostly the hooved  animals—noteably. Mo the mule and the goats. Snap Crackle and Pop.. running back and forth to a second farm “Meridith” also full of ERN animals.

**Carly- younger person runs around and does realllllly critical things/ lives on the farm .

** Wallace ---Goldy found us an ex-bullrider to "gentle" some of these sometimes wild  horses that Janine finds in the auction  .Wallace  can also be called on to  lift heavy objects.


So who’s Goldy?  Goldy is our Ghost  Of the Lefthand Drawer- who appeared several years ago in the form of an odor...  the stench lasted over a week.. and suddenly was gone.....leaving ocassionally strange happenings far beyond our control...sometimes very helpful.....


Now who’s moving?

Elizabeth and Nick and children are moving into the  "house"

Carlene is moving out of the "house" – across the driveway to the cabin —until an apartment can be fixed up in the laundry building/

Janine is moving out of the cabin   - to an RV in the driveway—but also has SO with significant house--and is  building a house in Akin ,South Carolina( serious horse country)?for winter use?

Both Elizabeth and Carlene have an incredible amount of STUFF


Got the picture?

Sunday, October 29, 2023

 oct 29 2023

i had an idea for foward motion........ and a statement--unfortunately i realize even asking questions is -- around here-- not allowed.. 

and the questions are not even SDP related.  ( say. i with tongue in cheek). maybe there are answers and i just do not understand.. i just have a few questions that i can not resolve in my 86 year old dimished capacity . 

 so let me turn the question on Equine Rescue Network.... what in your mission statement of rescuing and rehabilitation equines could possibly demand you demolish a perfectly good, functioning barn?  

 and .....




or. why would you???....

now winter is approaching... i have been in many winters before. ---- 85 to be exact.... when keeping dogs alive during blizzards when elect has cut the heat to the kennels.... a wood burning stove has been a very welcome addition----which is why i am struggling to get my Glenwood hooked up in this cabin... and i have a wood burning device in nearly every other building....  like the big house, and the laundry, and the deagle house and the nutt house...

it is very like my concern for living across the street from a water source-- like hood pond.... basics. water , heat.... 

like water flowing down hill.... heat rises.. and we poor mortals live in a january catherdral of heat going to pluto or saturrn and we here on earth need to amasse alternate means of the state of being warm... to eliminate even one confuses my poor mind.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

 oct 28 dd

our web is getting a face lift and might be a littli wierd for a few days.. the basic problem is the town'business permit can not cope with crazy acres just being DBA goldys farm--we will get there. in the meanitme keep tos e10's coming... not only for the hay, but o would like to do some "different " thing s withour visiting bit..

i would rather not just walk around with a dog on a leash -- thankfully ours wander on theri own. and sit on laps at their dispersion.--- but if i ca get a little wagon  on that back bumper of my car... and carry animals in the car ti we get there.... we can bring some wierd things.

when i was  "animal episodes" i used to borrow all kinds of animals to use for an hour or two...  if i can get at the topsfield fair's  list of bird owners,  there are some spectacular birds that would be fun....

another oddity--- the last place said they had a book club-- and if we would donate a bunch of janine's books, they woul d like to circulate them...those books-- to the author are  i think less than $3 each..we can do that !1

on we roll !!

Friday, October 27, 2023

 Goldys farm is a much better name for our “ESTABLISHMENT”. When we were crazy acres, there were too many other crazy acres and we got lost in the crowd of web pages... howeverrrrrrrr—Janine has been working on it. To the point where you all know more than I do about  getting around the web...., thankfully enough to get those $10 hay bales I just bought yesterday---

 Details??? You want details???—the first trip was loaded by steve—who owns the hay delivery depot.... and we got  72 bales in the smaller of our two trailers

 The second trip was loaded by his helper and we only got 50 in that load...—there are experts in every field !!

 And thanks to  my “driver of the day” .....nick—of maura fame—he hung in there for 2 round trips and we are once again slightly ahead of the curve for maybe a week.....

 We need to load up for the winter ice storms— sliding  and schlepping  do not go together well when it comes to hay transport. And that will pertain to getting the big trucks out of Canada to have hay even available.... so keep buying the hay bricks if you can... I think goldys hay loft has held an entire 53 foot trailer full straight from canada....  which is why I was a bit sensitive about rumors the SDP might cut holes in the barn----  those walls are holding up great weight—and to even think of cutting into any support is just Not supposed to be even mentioned...—those supports are on 24” centers which should be more than enough for a dog door—looking at a dane ( not pregnant dane) from the top down they aren’t more than 12 inches wide.. but nobody asked me...i know the most narrow door I ever put in is next to the door to the laundry where because of the door and header stuff that support is on 14 inches wide—and  I have watched a very pregnant female squeeze thru. With difficulty.—those are numbers I know.

Well there is one more..... the normal large commercial door for a german shephard has worked ( in my house) because I raised it 6 inches off the floor.. danes can pick up those legs—the body size is not that different.


The henny penny board is our budgeting of the rest of the establishment--- from rescue costs to vet bills to  the #$%^&* easy pass bill I keep getting from when Janine rescues  a load from the auction and that big trailer has an e-zpass  which lands on my desk.... but is a definite “cost”  related to rescue trips.  There is no way around the Hudson river....could we have a special push for that board  to sell out.... if you can....


Hmmmmm. So if you are headed for California in a covered wagon... what on earth do you do about the Mississippi?

 I have long wondered what the paul revere types did  running back and forth between philidelphia and boston. When. they came to the Hudson.... or the Conneticut river—who was the guy who first started “joe’s ferryboat service”. You never hear about him...

Whata shame.


I cannot see me standing on the banks of the Hudson saying to my horse “oh come on , lets swim” ---


And how--- without the internet, did anyone know there was a huge city on the other side of those rivers????

 Oh the things we take for granted....  

Thursday, October 26, 2023

10 26 

Slow but steady wins the race----sometimes... we are slowly getting back to the happy place everyone considered us to be ---as an “out to lunch bunch “   is slowly getting back together...  I am told....... someone has taken over the design and completion of the new chicken residence-- -- all covered—to prevent flyovers from hawks and the fairly local eagle pair often filmed at meridith farm ( probably  only one air mile away) --- it has been reported the chicken numbers are being slowly reduced...  must be winged raptors..... ignoring my  used car lot shiney flags...  if it was racoons there would be feathers.... wellllllll actually... the foreign workmen putting up the partridgeberry place development next door left no feathers either when they had their chicken BBQ  one night after work...


Covering a coop--- I did that once.... I had an aviary of the hoops used in greenhouses.... and  tarp...  it was a bent  ½ circle... and it should have drained (see my extensive reporting on water flowing downhill)— which as the tarp went over the  top, there must have been a flat place where a tiny puddle started.... and before that downpour stopped, it  had all the water around that flat spot to collect, got heavy and collapsed the hoops, killing some of my white  homing pigeons and a few peacocks...

Once a puddle starts , it creates it’s own “down hill” getting magnified with each raindrop. All it needed was one quick poke with a sharp knife at the lowest point... and I would still have peacocks--- wellllll boy would the neighbors love that.    Peacocks sound EXACTLY like a woman screaming HELP--- usually twice each sequence—


As the development progressed it became obvious the peacocks had to go. ( actually only the males with those feathers were loose on ( and off) the property.


There was an extremely expensive golf course and clubhouse  nearly completed—in Ipswich--- their logo was a peacock—of course !   midnight maneuvers--- no one knew where they came from—and I let the female loose too.    For a few years I heard peacock stories from several towns away...  they are wild birds in India... I am told—for a while they were wild in Ipswich too ! 

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

 10 25 2023

10 25 2023


I did what the customer serrvce at teh golden chair place said to do... and hav had no response..i am appalled how unresponsive the corporate off ice is.however... I slept across the dog’s twin mattress with my legs high up on the wall...  it worked pretty well.


.i was supposed to have new help today to work with judy for training...she maybe did not. Understand we start at 7.. at lest all the dogs do


A quick DD—hopefully going for hay today.... and mayber goin g to where I bought the chair...   I hate to go there --- he yelled at me last6 time... and as gwen put it, he was unreasonable with her—she reported on ze;p--- or whatever...  and gwen is very well behave3d !!


There may be some funny pictures of me and my chair coming up..... it is tempting...


And here we go to a bunch of places who h ave golden chairs... and I can’t eve sit in mine.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

 10 24 2023

The good life depends on the liver--- both the person who... and the organ that translates tylenol... ---  too much tylenol is hard on the liver...,,, ok.... sounds authentic ..and is on the package....

Moving on to the latest “carlene’s  facts. of dubious authenticity --‘ related to  this topic......

A.   I was once in the hospital ( for eye surgery?) and the nurse came round with pills... and I was given one Tylenol --- every 6 hours??   One??? 

B.   I fill my pill box weekly ( to keep dilantin straight) and I include 4 extra strength Tylenol @ 500 mg each...daily —which I take 2 at a time.  morning and before mail call.

C.   I feel very righteous by taking less than the label says- which warns of “severe liver damage if you take more than 4000mg in 24 hours.”

D.                  I maybe heard that  as you age your ability to “process” medications changes so that you often can have dosages reduced to achieve the same blood level... and words like “half life” get in here somehow too....

E.  Too many aches and pains makes an old gal grumpy...

 Today I woke up with the usual morning aches and pains—so I took only one Tylenol and decided to pay attention to what happened to the usual maladies.’’

To my surprise--- I don’t think I need to take 2 of them- I ain’t gonna go run no marathon—but both  tooth brushing , and the on-putting of socks was  on a. parr with the effects of 2 tylenol.


During the time to absorb and study the Tylenol.... I made 4 new leashes – much shorter... we have been using the 10’ long animal handles- just because I made more than we needed for the pack burro deal.we had 4 dogs yesterday --- we had carl with us—but even leaving sizzle off leash.. that was 30 feet of rope gathered and dragged in a most unprofessional manner.  We can do better... well... at least start out better....

 There is an attitude of a dog  to be considered... if they are on leash they are to walk quietly next to my  leg... and listen for the next “suggestion”

If they are off leash they may run around like idiots—and they may not confuse the 2 different  mental states..  this is why all my training leashes are  a 26 inch chain with a 26 inch rope—that forces trainers not to make the mistake of ignoring what is supposed to happen.  All those 6 foot leashes are for tiny wanda like dogs when if they misbehave you just pick them up. And the 10 foot ropes are for emergency control of almost any domestic  animal.


Carl was 100% confused by the pie pan treat dispensingat the senior place.... I think he was just beginning to get it when we folded for the day...  I would like to take him with us today to explain it further... right now he does not understand all the fuss and would rather just wander and talk to strangers.  He is lachey’s brother you know...

Monday, October 23, 2023

DD 10 23 2023

THESE are the times that try men's souls. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered;. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly:

Somebody said that ... including my mother who used to run around saying weird things ---  like flour sugar soda salt eggs milk and butter... to be sure she had not forgotten anything  before she put whatever in the oven.. she was very well read (Vassar  ’24)  and also said things like   “out of the night that covers me...and “If you can keep your head”

I was not a reader but if you crossed my palm with some cash, I would memorize the punch lines at least..

Between congress and the rest of the world...it seems mundane for me to mention electric cords....


Nick got my “old” frig in place ---( and clean)\!!—and we left the old one in the middle to be removed tomorrow.. – small kitchen ... 2 big friges... but who’s counting??  All was well til I decided to microwave one of the frozen dinners I keep for emergencies.. --- 30 seconds into the 7 min s  the microwave died..—I figured both frigs must have asked for more elect at the same time—I gave the food to carlie- who ran across the tunnel ( that needs a name) to her apt and her micro....

This is intellectually going somewhere so hang on....... carlie offered to click the surge cord button, but being a tired pessimist I said  it would probably just pop it again... so I got up at 3am all set to start cooking whatever was in the old freezer and must be thawed by now....


I opened the door to check temps---- it never occurred to me—the fridg light was on ( so much for mind function  at 3am) the old freezer was still at 60 degrees- but freezer steak still frozen hard.. ?how come? 

 The kurig coffee maker was dead along with the  micro..  those had to be plugged into the same wall socket but the kurig and micro were on a surge protector Extension cord... —so that had blown... before the wall socket went dead...

That is the intellectual bit for the day..—the damn thing worked !   but seeing as it was down ankle high behind stuff,, I had to get the kurig out on wheels.. and have now made coffee..

As soon as I find my double stick “Great Tape” that thing will be stuck on the frig... and all others attached waist high on furnature...


I could invent.......messy cords flopping about if the wall socket is waist high?????  Take a piece of 1 inch pvc pipe – slice out ½ inch in 2 passes thru the table saw and screw it to the wall ...and leave only the ends loose at the top...- for some that would be critical...  for me? does it work?


Second problem of last night was that #$%^&*()_+ chair!! ... manufactured by “Golden” has once again totally malfunctioned... being stuck in the up/forward help to stand position... meaning I had no place to sleep.. luckily judy had set out a new pillow and heavy quilt to cover dog beds in case.... and it was just that case....  so I battled sizzle for the twin bed size “sofa”. Which gave lackey and jiminey the queen mattress/bed—and siz the big “footstool ( a favorite)   they play merry go round beds about midnight every night. But luckily left me out!!




“   Nope. Lobsters for prisoners is an old myth. “ 



Sunday, October 22, 2023

10 22 2-23

I’ve got the day all wrong....  my most active time of day ( i.e. awake and alert) is now 2am to 6am.. I can only include a smattering   but here goes...


Water may  always flow downhill,,, but the human mind can fly in any direction...mine certainly can......IF YOU ARE A MAN --- OR A WOMAN USING A SHEEPEE- and you face Mexico ... there are places in the rockey mountains where... if you direct the stream of pee to the right, it would land in the pacific ocean--- and if you direct it to the left it would land in the Atlantic,--- I have discussed that at great length with Dr,Bob... a professor I know...and it went from there to growing food in califormia and eating it in new York -----so maybe the maine lobsters were so abundant because they  fed not only on clams and shrimp but  NYC  sewerage processed and  swept north by the gulf stream..   that veered off into ---- is a  thing in. the sink to grind up food and wash into a septic system good or bad for the system... and why is it different than what we chew up .... I went on from there....   .i was laughing aloud by 6am


Now about lobsters...... it was rumored they ate garbage--- and I  for one --- am not sure what they eat.. because I know what  the public can be trained to think.. and the whole market for lobsters would suffer tremendously  if that thought got round... historically—they were considered rats of the ocean and were fed to prisoners as cheap food...


Probably all this was prompted by my emptying the sick refrigerator of uneatable food... ( 2 bags full)  which I will get on it’s way to a maine landfill today –

Ito prove my  less is better effort...--- I have to report... I wanted some hot cereal for breakfast---and I could find the packets of quaker oats.... the kerig coffee maker made only hot water minus the coffee and I could find both of those things. And a cup!!!   –

 so life in the cabin is getting better all the time. Minus 2 bags of honest trash,---- onebag of covering things—like reynolds and shrink wrap. Some new,---- 2 bags of questionable healthy (?unopened?) ----- one of plastic lid/ no container and  container/no lid...---- 2 bags of cookie /cracker/snacks _ to  go to meridith stone guys for snacking?----


I am told by Elizabeth ... conversatons are being made about refrigerator swapping......

big boy  PASTA !

Saturday, October 21, 2023

 OCT 21 2023

My housecleaning methods are to make such a mess that you have to do SOMETHING !!    I do remember  I once got a certificate for being an “outstanding housekeeper” or something... I framed it quickly—it is around somewhere... that was before computers a... now  I could print up all kinds of  diplomas etc...  how frighting is that???


I just pulled everything out of the kitchen cabinets- and it is sooooo cluttered I can’t even make coffee...

However... there is a learning process.... priorities and sorting are a science  themselves...  I need to be able to locate the coffee and mug  by staggering blindly in the dark,  locating the cereal box is not nearly as critical.


Then there is the  “enabling objects” for which there is no substitute’... like a can opener... and with fewer smokers... matches are no longer the ubiquitous objects THEY ONCE WERE....









Friday, October 20, 2023

 DD 10 20

I am embarrassed I get so distracted that I did not have the apple cookies to give those donkeys a big thank you for behaving so perfectly in the daycare center with that 91  kids—


I am even more embarrassed about not giving Cloud.. a proper thank you for all that she does..   and how much I rely on all her information as far better than anything else we've managed to amass ourselves.. her work over the years is incredible she does not miss a thing... fortunately..  I am totally delighted to have her continue and I want her to know that she certainly gets a Gold Star the middle of her forehead for her constant attention to detail..   she is far better than I could do.....


With just a little bit of organization on Judy and my part I bet she could keep track of how many people we see on a weekly basis at these day care centers .. I know Judy and I come out of a place and count  how many people were there   and we carefully count them all---  well by the time we've stopped for coffee and gone home we can't remember so if I start being a little more careful I'll bet you cloud will pick it up and keep a running total for us..

there is just too much-- for me to handle-- and I need the help and accuracy which Cloud so willingly provides.

I know in the past four days we've  seen 215 people..  and three of those four days were with dogs and donkeys.


So I hope all of you people who are supporting us are getting your money's worth for every $10 donation..  You want details I'll give you details—off our scribbles on the calendar---it was a busy week...


The big expense which enabled us to start with the donkeys/ was to replace the hitch on the trailer.. $376. At the trailer place in danvers...
 we then entertained......

40 people at Rainbow- Peabody...

we then went to Dutton day care - Wakefield--- dogs and donkeys and saw 35  people.. and somebody handed us $30 cash donation...

Judy Carly and I then went to the gingerbread house for coffee and muffins for $27. 

Then to NEC day care  Danvers. 91  kids and staff (donkeys got no apple treats and should have)

Yesterday- Thursday,, Katzman nursing home Chelsea. 49 ( no donkeys)

I filled gas twice. $111.  And I didn’t go anywhere else- just  home to nap... it is tiring !!(? a bottle of tylenol)

$20 cash for carlie-s truck to NEC  ( extra person ( Janine) didn’t fit  my car with with 5 dogs. ( dog "carl "( also lachey's brother....) went too...)  

Judy and Carly  do a lot of volunteering.....both worked about an hour before and after to get ready and put away stuff  for each “job” which is really an expense of the goldys visiting project...+/- $500

What does that make it ????  
215 people smiling/laughing..... this week ( that is high ! probably not every week...) 
 $376 a one time ?capital expense... and $631  running-- noted so far....

I also remember--- jimineys rabies shot--- ivermedtin( wormer)  purina dog food( remember I do not get any SDP food...)... one bath towel I cut up ( and used  in the donkey poo episode) so threw it away – copy paper—staples exp. Etc......

There are a lot of  “petty cash” that is not so petty over the big turn of the wheel....

Somehow in the back of my head.... if we can at the moment count on $6000 a month from the 600 numbers  on the  henny penny board  that will give us a few pennies to think of things like bringing birds in some weird cage.....  or a goat in a diaper....maybe???  we are sooooo good at out of the box ideas....

i am betting you all can keep that  goal--- we are well on our way this month - and half the time you have not known what our real name is... with computer &  paperwork cleaned up ... i am hoping 600  is a reasonable number  to go for... so have at it !!
of course if the odd million  $$$ should come along, we will use it wisely....

wanda workin hard !!

Thursday, October 19, 2023

 dd 10 19

We did 4 danes one jack Russell and 2 donkeys in a place with ?87 people in 5 different groups.. there were times when I thought... we are just nuts !! and had to rely on the inate responsibility of our animals.. as we had zero control of anything...—and they did not fail us.... I was ashamed to finally realize we were asking so much of them ... with no pay check of  the ocassional treat “ thank you “—and we had plenty of the apple carot treats someone sent us... SHAME ON US.... THEY DID NOT VOLUNTEER TO STAND THERE AND BE  PATTED AND SCRATCHED FOR 2 HOURS FOR NO TREAT !!    eventually the 2 donkeys began to edge to teh door.. and we had to bring them back to the center of the circle.  The very young kindergarten kids all were one on one—I don’t know if the partner was a parent or an attendant... but there were pairs of them.. problem, was many kids were fascinated with and wanted to feel the hooves—putting the tiny fingers close to the floor  if the donkeys even moved one foot.  Wanda was a big help with wheelchair people  with large tray in front of them  who could not  get very close to the donkeys.... we just put wanda on their table to their great delight.  Wanda enjoyed the special attention...

The routine now is--- jiminey wears a service dog vest...and he stays by my side unless I tell him to “GO” somewhere..... which often enables me to give a short lecture on the topic of ”don’t ask to pat a working dog”


They do get thirsty—I think there is a shot of all 4 danes at the water cooler- loving the cold..... ignoring the gallon of water we bought with us.  Lachey routinely returns to me literally asking  “how am I doing?”  I give him a pat... and sometimes a cookie- and tell him to “GO” – with a wag of a tail he goes back to “working the crowd”    WE DID NOT DO THIS WITH THE DONKEYS... AND WE SHOULD HAVE... we did spill a little grain on the floor--- big mistake—lachey and wanda thought it was for them... lachey got pulled away easily.. but wanda nipped at the donkey noses trying to get their “ reward" .. that was our only really bad situation...—one large ( and loose) donkey poo was easily and quickly cleaned up – as it happened between groups...  the idea of towels was good...
  so from now on ... donks will have those apple treats hand fed by us....


We did get some good shots---- I am told..... but do you think I can get anyone to remember to send me some

 for this dd. ??????????  and the news article?????,


So fya...  amusement.....  try this song—and listen carefully to the words both spoken and sung....




must listen  “I belong to Glasgow”

 ----there are some terrific one liners ---- of a more than slightly inebreiated man.. 


“there nothing in being teatotal- it’ll save you  a shilling or two

if your money you spend , you/ve nothing to lend in’t that all the better for you/


the wealthy in motor cars going  by so fast you can’t tell if they’re drunk or sober.

 Casting a stinger of thorn..at the working man...


there is a lot of  competition between  the “rumored” professorial  like Edinburgh and “rumored” Working  like Glasgow.

And being a Mike Rowe University enthusiast I naturally enjoy this song.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

 oct 18 2023

We did a perfect donkey job yesterday ----we being Judy and Carly and me 2 donkeys for dogs the trailer with a good hitch on it

So today's job is at NEC is---  very large group actually several groups of young kids--- baby kids--- and adults two different buildings et cetera

I think Janine is going to go with us. which will be very interesting to see what she can add or subtract to the whole performance.janine has a long history  of poo retreiving.

Carly may have to follow us in her truck because with four dogs in the back we only can fit one person in the back..


the donkeys were terrific because basically they just stood around which is what they're very good at and we had a pair of donkeys where one of them seemed to think the other was his mother and we could take off his leash and just let him stand around.... with wanda and the danes, it was a huge success ---much cheer. With 35 people...


we can make some adjustments...  mom donk managed to wait til she got just out the door to produce a tidy poo... but with that in mind, I think we could have a pretty purple handtowel on each donkeys back—like a saddle cloth...    as a just in case.... which would look good...    we were on carpet, but what ever the donkeys did would not be an awful lot worse then everything that's already happened there... a huge significance is the lift that we give the personnel---- it's a pretty gruesome job but now they can go home and have lovely cocktail  conversations about dogs and donkeys at their place of work...

 plus they gave us $30 to go buy coffee on the way home which we did.


On to the next !!