Thursday, April 30, 2015

APRIIL 30 2015
30 DAYS HATH SEPTEMBER..... AND  APRIL-------- i think i am ready to rid myself of april-- wild month.

only good thing... after a disasterous start ,  symon has-- according to george-- "turned the corner"  we must keep in mind he coudl turn another corner  in any direction at any time... they all could....... making me a nervous wreck.
we all did what we could-- from grace giving him fluids   donna boiling chicken livers to george giving him a virtual cocktail of modern medicine to megan sleeping on the floor in the hospital..... his tail was wagging yesterday    24 hours after i was sure we would be doing an autopsy.  

george mentioned maybe coming home today  to complete my nervous nellie bit-- i really want to hear a diagnosis-- or at least the results of the lab work---  if it is anything really bad -- i don't want him home yet  because we have no quarentine icu area-- which we have thought of building-- ..

 well... no ... maybe we do.... the donkey trailer  could be made very comfortable for him  wayback beyond teh chickens... quick put up a fence and back it in...throw down a home depot rug to be tossed after he's better...  then after  tow it to the hot sprayer for sterialzation..--      it even has 2 compartments  and could be heated with a milkhouse heater.. maybe not in january.... but in april--- a piece of cake.

so we have to get it empty--- not going to be easy.. but doable.

bricks are going.... about 250 left... i have a few more  quickpicks to enter-- we may get sold out yet !!!

this "umbrella"  tent for a better sitting area... has got to happen.. i am going to try a test case today  to see if i can get 11 sonotubes in a row and level.  if so  then i would just have to buy dirt from masterson.. he would put in the sonotues levell and in perfect spot for alot of money .... but...... because they are basically to hold the tent down... not up... they are attached with a piece of hardware that  adjusts-- so if we can land tehm within 4 inches  we should be able to do it  with  volunteers... putting it togetehr is a huge erector set deal-- i watched the big one-- so i am an expert !  ha... ( sound like... i had a dog once, i know dog training)

well we can always spend money and fix it- but we have no extra money---not that kind... so itis out with the white buckets and pick up rocks... we will need  alot to partailly fill the sono tubes before pouring in concrete. plus we need to get the winter rocks out of the way of the lawn mower. i willl set out those white plastic pails - fill them and leave them over by this operation.

sometime after may 2 sheila obrien mar arrive for our inspection. we have all our   fire extinguishers labeled  with a big red sign...FIRE EXTINGUISHERS- we should be all set.

order of teh day 

get results of the lab work
unload the donkey  trailer
steam clean it and set it up with a outdoor "pee area' fence /HEATER...GET READY FOR SYMON.
dig holes with back hoe and set tubes
stand around and look at it all.
order building --- they have given us  a bargain  not free, but a baRGAIN..

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

april 29 2015
symon's alive---megan slept on the tile floor with him last night.... and had semi pleasent reports  as did george... peeing --massive diarrhea still -- and bright green-- which did not amaze george.. megan said it looked like the birthing fluids  we often see--
-not eating but did keep 2 pill pockets down  which is progress.. teh drooliong head shake is 99% better... george said his "rejection when you put food in front of him is better... he did not gag at the site of dog food-- and even stuck his nose in a can of  purina- and even licked it once.  we have boiled chicken thighs and  chicken livers on deck... george is such a pessimist -- tries to prepare you for the worst then you are pleased if anythign else happens... his logic is correct-- but  damnmn  annoying..
he is standing  and walking around out to pee--

 ..  i have left a standing order that if he developes an iintussusception he is to be put to sleep.  that intuss is painful, surgery not  1/2 success  rate and he is in such terrible shape that he is a surgical risk anyway.  

so many times i have said to the  recipients and  camera people   you give them a happy life and when it is no longer happy, you let them sleep.  does not make it any easier  at my end either.. worried not only about symon but  all the people waiting for dogs, knwoing we are short pups due to opal an d  miriah both missing pregnancy... and now noel pregnant- but has been living with walter who is showing signs of a minor case of whatever.

we should get some lab studies this morning...  but didn't yet...

i have been up most the night  

so i will get this semi go

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

april 28 2015
- i have my orders about what to do here with the rest of these guys... like give them all their  updated shots..  which we have 75 units  in the rrefreigerator... -- grace just checked...
george did say  the blood report showed  - his kidneys seem fine..blood show s massive infection.. as yet unknown... i asked about dog flu or whatever-- he said no that is respiratory..
he mentioned the  word parvo- which is not music to my ears either...
parvo is why there is a hook in the middle of the kitchen-- behind the sink-- you can probablyt see it-- we hang everything from it 

it is there because one of my very first litters all got parvo at about 12 weeks and i had 8 on iv drips  with vomit and diarrhea all over---- it seems they got it while their headgear was still on from ear cropping.-- and it was before i had any help at all--    they all made it-- and that hook is a constant reminder of carrying puppies into my shower for a hose down. and my husband wearing sneakers in the shower.

i did tell george i had been wrong on his age-- that he was just a year old- and george said "HolySSSttt !!~ he is one huge dog- i thought you were going to be breeding them smaller??? "  that litter is big...
now we canbv e neurotic about any dog not eating .. so we have started a list..
  so far this morning 
 victoria and ava...  bailey does not always eat breakfast anyway.. today she did...

for those who thought someone should  be holding symon's paw in the middle of the night.... i thought of a perfect paralell
have you ever just come out of surgery and are enjoying the  drug induced sleep and had some nurse come along and ask you how you feel and would you like a nice back rub  ...  get lost lady... let me enjoy my drugs -  i need my sleep more than conversation...
that is the state of symon-- last night and night before last...
so everyone who had unkind thoughts of  our overnight help... i expect  to find  i'm sorry   appology notes  to be in the mail to her...

and as penance go buy some  bricks--- we are behind !!!
 he is still one very sick dog-  i think he is in the right place- and we will go visit him -- and take food-- maybe boil some chicken

thank you all for not playing the 20 20 hindsight  what if   game---- i have not given you every littel detail.. i can not.. i have other things to do to try and keep the rest of this place going straight--- and maybe don't have time to explain every detail- 

 best advice ...pray... we ain't out of the woods yet.

a cut and paste from a camera person.... re my mother lecturing about when a policeman says stop... you stop.
my mom did the same about the policeman...maybe it’s an East Coast thing???  the rogue men I’ve known in my life never stop...for policemen

Monday, April 27, 2015

april 27 2915
best news this morning ( i think) symon had an huge bowel  "emptying"    .. which hopefully means  things are moving... and he is drinking  some water-- even if he  is throwing up some of it...
think back a few days-- smaller version --- maybe--- wiht may and one of the white pups... not eating  or drinking.. but thiers lasted only one day... simon is into third day which is why we gave him fluids yesterday.  i just tried food-  he still wants none of it.  GEORGE>> ANY SUGGESTIONS?  we would have to force feed a pill- because he is eatin g nothing..

grace is in today about 10  and she  can give him more fluids .. wonderful having his own private nurse...  which reminds me   the fluids we gave woere slightly outdated... i am very  glad we had them outdated or not...  but i will order more today..
this accreditation,, we checked the pill department... i never thought of the  fluids...  maybe symon was sent to remind us.

last night the camera people noticed he had thrown up in his bed and overnight had n ot noticed... someone called here but i  was sound asleep and  couldn't find the phone in time--  i checked him over - he looked fine - because he had thrown up water and i couldn't see it in his bedding.  so tracy called-- and she todl me to go look again.. which i did-- one end of  his bed was soaked..
if it bothered him , he still had the choice of  the barker bed which we left  there just in case... i had to force him  out the door- he clearly told me he did not feel good and wanted no part of going out-- which he may have thought was typically leash= for a car ride.... we got out the doort aqnd he vfery politely turned around and swtood looking at the door..  he was very relieved that i listened to him and took him back in to a clean bed...  the next time we wanted to take him out, he went more willingly...
so about listening to the dogs...
some woman-- called about 4pm yesterday to complain that one of our staff had beenb extremely rude to her..  i asked who, what did she lookk like.... and it was evident very quickly that  i was the one...--- unfortunately i said i ws not as rude as i wanted to be...  but she didn't even hear  that...
situation was  her kid - about 12 year old-- was swinging a rope in front of the pups... and by mistake breifly hit one in the nose... so the pup backed away... no disaster yet...  problem was the kid did not understand why the pup did not want to get near him so he moved toward it--- the pup ducked ?her? tail and walked away and  started up puppy hill- i called  and said don't chase the pup-- he continued -not in arrogance but just did not understand... so i yelled  "stop"  and he did...and went to  his mother who was there with 3 other kids.-- the pup went over th e  hill and came round to try and join the group of siblings and he moved toward the pup again... i said very firmly  "hold it... whoa....  let me explain  "   as the pup had already ducked tail and was moving  away.
i started to try and explain that we needed to leave that pup alone for a while... bu tht e group; gathered and left..
til..... mommy got on the phone...".MY CHIL.D WAS NOT CHASING THE PUPPY... how rude it was  of me etc etc etc...I WAS RIGHT THERE..  I KNOW  ALL ABOUT  DOGS, I HAD A DOG ONCE... your people skills "....( i told her i was famous for my people skils- it could have been  much worse...)

she would not listen to the fact that--- according to what the puppy thought, he was chasing her -.. i did manage to get in the fact that  i would do exactly that again because our concern is for our dogs and  this place does not exist as entertainment for her children.  she did not like that  and said she would not be back...   i am heartbroken..
at any rate -- 
i could not tell which black pup it was even tho when i went in the kennel and one ran.... it  must be addressed today..  when colleen wantd to take one home and to work with her, she took the harl  lumin... so i could try and figure this out today...  scooter karen said they all came to the fence for cookies.  but i am pretty sure we have not seen the end of that episode.
then to the other side of that coin..... i am reminded regularly-- of a lesson my mother drummed in our heads when i was very young..." if a police officer says stop, you stop"   i don't know why she felt it so necessary to drum that into the head   of an 8 year old red headed  little  girl-- and i wonder if all mothers tell thier children that... or maybe all moithers  should be telling thier kids that.... you do not run.
i did pass it on to my kids-- as horse people would phrase it "they have a good whoa on them"  and i tried to pass it to my grandson, but i don't think it sunk in.

it has alwayus been clear around here-- if someone yells   " whoa "   you stop first and ask why later.  
now i hear  british petrollium has developed the same policy in their advertisements.  .. "every person on the job in the gulf has the right to stop the entier operation"

we did manage to get the fridge relpoacted to the back of the t tent.. and we are ready to progress with the  new building project.
 i emailed them last week and suggested it might be nice if  they could  be kind... etc....  hopefully  i heaqr shortly
spelling errors--- are not all spelling errors.
when you get old your fingers get much fatter and push several keys at once3...  so iuf you study the errors and the keyboard many time you will find my  errors are thge key next to the one intended or several keys at once/.
when symon refused teh canned food , i turned around and was surrounded by 9  almost sitting puppies...   i went thru that can quickly... but they were very good.... and the "that's all"  command is waving open fingers horizongtally over their heads.

trainin lesson of the day....
that is another concept the dogs need to know..  the "ok" release.
many people forget to release a dog--- they will tell a dog to sit... then smile  "see what i made the dog do? and very soon the dog wanders off... that is one of the best ways to untrain a dog... let them decide when they do not have to follow a command.
i much prefer " you sit there danm it til i tell you it is ok to get up and go play  "  
that works better in the long run.  but you can't forget.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

april 26 2015
i wish we could tape pam talking to these pups... it is amusing...
"gronk- will you stay in your own dish"--
" now stop that -- it is not yours"
"hey  stop that   no chewing..  knock it off  !"

she is getting their breakfast ready and including thier first tylan dose
really just a pinch- 

for the poo report--
3 pretty good cylindars  ( picked up with a tissue....    more cohesion than adhesion)
5 soft mounds and 
1 flat pancake  drip

progress is being made..
good puppies... i just happened to catch the group effort to move the big pillow over to the sofa
it w ould be nice to think it was planned, but it was amusing anyway....
as they all pushed and shoved in unison.
with the help of a noisy purina dog food bag, they are learning to concentrate on objects other that each other's ears

opal is being good with them - at least at teh moment...

they need more out and about now... it is the case of " too many rats in a cage will fight"
we tried yesterday or a megan march... without megan... and we gopt 3 out of 9-- the rest had to take the puppy bus down to v pen.-- it was a little chilly, but thanks to my son in law's dog house, it  has a little heater which laura reported as comfortable.
you all may not realize - to access the camera for the  V pen,  click on the thumbnail of the picture of the harlequin dog.  early in the morning it also gives you the sunrise picture... plus a view of teh driveway as we try and march with pups.../
lesson for the day-- turnip cooking..
pam is not only great withteh pups, she has great cooking experience.  i never would have thought to  pressure cook an entire turnip with the skin on.. - certainly less complicatedf than to try and whack  away at the outer layer to peal it.

while i am at it...tiny onions-- 30 seconds in boiling water, then cold-- and  cut off the flat end--and squeeze.
i have a pretty good start on a dress for the mannequin made out of dog food bags... -- we really need a full wardrobe of clothing made with purina  bags and.. whatever..-- i mean we need to do a good job on this project... it could mean a  steady supply of purina food....  so think accessorizing-- necklace,  sunglasses, boots.belts  etc.. along with blouse and skirts...
and speaking of rats... or some similar shaped  beast out of the woods...  pam heard something on the porch.  it was big enough to set off the motion detector- she kicked the can and somethign  about 8 inches long ( not including  tail) scurried down into A field..  my guess is a rat--  but 8" plus tail is a pretty big rat..  with that stream and swampy area in "A" it could be a few things.
which reminds me of the  wild pig problem "down south"  the wild pigs are   intelligent, hardy, fast  and prolific... and moving north..
you don't hear much about it-- i am not too sure why  not..--because i have personally seen the devastation caused by a group  out of control in a disney " perfect  town"-- and 2 horse friends -- one in florida-- the other in georga-- have complained of the increasing amt of feed crop being eaten by these huge wild pigs--usually at night.   they are very similiar to rats... except they weigh hundreds of pounds.
back to  finding more dog food bags for dress design.
never thought wanting to play withdogs would involve fashion design--  cameras, or lally columns in th e basement. .
but  so it is...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

april  25 2015
usually i watch the science channel, but today it was th e  CNN news--  and there are sooo mnay things i do not understand...

a 7.something earthquake with buildinhg collapsing and  aftershocks. and someone is advising people to stay inside so they don't get hit with anything...
how about the building they are inside of?????  seems to me it is a perfect time to have a picnic in the park...
and then the bunch with the volcanio about to explode again, worrying about walking away from it  because it was about to rain...

they have to sound so sincere about  the news.. but is anyone listening to the details??
enough of world problems and on with  the poo report

we have gone from --- noisy pancakes--- to pancakes-- to soft serve icecream .. this is emense progress.
my kingdom for a cylindar !!!
we have had this before-- i think it is a combination oif things--  they have been wormed... and it is time again... and it could be going outside with the giardia ( all over new england  ground watger thanks to the canadian geese) so they have ad 3 days of flagyl-- and are about to start the 30 days of tylan-- just a pinch of absolutely foul tasting stuff that gets airborn the minute you open the jar.. tylan?? what do i know?? somehow it started the rounds as a product to put in turkey's water-- and from there to treating scours in baby pigs-- tehn many years ago someone suggested it for  our dane we will do that... they certainly have upset tummies.. i will also go back to my old friend dr thebeault-- who said there was nothing wrong with a dog's gut that would not be cured by buttermilk and stringbeans..  well... the concept of the culture buttermilk/yougurt kind of stuff and some  stringbeans  has some logic to it..  i may shortcut the deal with acidophylisis and string beans... but that is the plan.. plus get the pinch of tylan in them somehow-- probably by spoon - hopefully they won't notice..

we are going thru pee pads... we have alot.. but they are getting used big time .
bryan ( veternarian-- horse type)  came to assess 40.. who has been "off"   not really lame.. just "off"- he gave me a long explination about why-- (right front- we had that right) he said as long as i didn't race around on him-- or jump fences he should be fine... and if i need to take him in a parade let him know and he can make him 100% sound for that.- and my use of him as a mobile chair he should get better in 6 months to a year.-- it is usually very slight- and the therapy for it is walking around-- no chasing cows- which is what bryan thought has caused this.

i need odd pictures of our dogs for this blog i am writing for explore..  they suggested weekly... the  best kind would be odd pictures involving a veteran and their dog doing something i can write 3 paragraph's about..
i think you get therer from and tehn blog.. and scan down thru the normal pictures-- and there are a few oif ours that are not simply  a person sitting with a dog.
pray for a better poo report  tomorrow-  

Friday, April 24, 2015

april 24 2015
in an effort to broaden my internet capabilities, i tried finding the "blog" written by ethyl's  partner julia  and not being terribly handy with  the process, i was astounded to hae the  daily doggie be lkisted  in 4 or 5 of teh google suggestions...

her blog - or whatever it is, is worth finding-- it is in  several parts  she writes well..
it was especially interesting to me to hear how she fussed over details about being "eligable" for a dog-  when  in fact after reading her medical history and her husbands military gobbletygoo, the icing on the cake was ... somewhere i saw in her writing when she came back to the states  from germany, she questioned why the toilets had so much water in them.
now there is a thinking person.  !!!  she  should do fine...- besides that her husband is a delightful guy.
hopefully after a stint in  ? mosorurrri?  they will be back in the new england area...  i was going to say massacheuettes but couldn't sopell that either.
maybe her blog  is on facebook???? 
in the process  i ran into a wall street jopurnal article-- 
now that is worth reaing too.. a simple $1 method of neutering dogs that makes them sterile and reduces agression 70%

reducing aggession???   boy------ could i think of alot of places to use that.  !!  fortunately  it would mostly be countries i don't know how to spell ether..   i am always fascinated by the number of men in some of these countries running around some town square with a rifle  raised high over their heads-- between wondering who raises e food to feed them, and  why i see no portapotties, i stay bewildered.

megan and steve are working very well together helping wendy and hunter  ev ery day this week......
and then there is the clearspan building-- i found one whch sounded perfect, yet every timje i try and show someone, i can not find it.  you would think....... finally... if anyonw wants to get in on this... i have asked my friend at   to make me an offer i can't refuse for    PB00680R4W    which would work like a big umbrella, with sides roulled up.. and it is one of the simpler and cheaper models...30  x 40  .. and david already has the  area ready for prepping..

this will be a do it yourself project...   15 ' tall... will be fun...
somebody said the wierd things at the end of yesterday's dd  were some translation done by google.   i did not do it on purpose...
***** i noticed it when thses stars i use to deliniate topics  were envelopes instead.
one quick note on garbage can lids--
garbage cans as designed do pretty well with garbage/trash- i use those 2 terms interchangabley.
but around the farm the normal 55 gal drum for storing animal food  is suplimented by garbage cans--to hold maybe some layer pellets  - or a little  puppy food instead  of the dog food which is in the 55 gal... at any rate  there always seems to be the 
ubiquitous trash can.  the problem which can be costly and deadly..., is that when a lid is dented--- and it often is... the center collapses down so the lowest part of the lid  is the handle...   doesn't sound like much ... yet....

well... from my vast experience of discovering water runs down hill.   if that lid is  ' depressed'   the next rainstorm will collect all that rain and run it down to the handle-- which when it was put on the lid, left 2 pinholes... all that rain drips inot the barrel of food  in 2 tiny 'channels'  so it does not get noticed- until you get to the bottom and  you have 8 inches of green dusty molding mess.
duct tape will not solve teh  problem-- but a simple  whack with the toe of your boot- will revearse the dent, thus returning the lid to it's more respectable shape.
what started this???
in th e process of lining up the proposed new tent. i came to a duct tape repair of a can of layer pellets with moldy bottom

i keep struggling to make farmers out of  a bunch of city people.  no way shojuld anyone look down at the farming profession...
it take a very intelligent /observant farmer to be successful..... 
besides they feed us... and don't you forget it... !!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

april 23 2015
sounds like a very exciting daily doggie today... about names and addresses--- mostly about  spirit sticks..... and putting your name on them-- however.....
spirit sticks are  a hand held,  sometimes creative, bit of  paraphanelia fpr  dog fest.
for those who can not come here- for whatever reason- but want to be here in spirit, you are encouraged to make and send a spirit stick-- usually involving your photograph---   which we then will hold before the cameras in the  ethereal   spirit stick parade... these willl be exibited --stuck in the ground in the teepee until the parade, and then shown before the camera.. aftert the  parade they will all waft skyward as we all sit around a ceremonial fire   searing the dogfest memories in our brains.  how's that  !!
ok.... no way do i mean to styme an\yone's creativity,  but we do need some  GUIDELINES    because these spirit sticks in years gone by  have involved  a very pequiliar  collection of dreamcatchers and silver pendants.. so these are suggestions......
  paint stirrers seem to be a perfect start to the contraption...  even several paint stirrers-- but it must  be able to be held in one hand... the material used must all be burnable---metal is frowned upon-- duct tape is the tricky part....
they should be one sided-- for holding to the camera...- and on the other side if you include your  name and  address  you might... not necessarily , bu t might get some momento back from the  episode.***** tina mentioned that not everyone wanted their name and address put befor the cameraq... well.... it should not be- but if you are sensative about it ... don't  include your name and address----or...... if you don't want your name used... how about your camera names---- anotehr way arounhd would be to put "occupant" with your street adddress... heaven knows i get alot of mail to occupant.-- but no address-- no toy..*****my point is.....sometimes well hidden.... but here goes...too often a decision gets made to cater to a few individuals- ( usually the  CAN'T  group) and a whole group is affected.  i will not stop the whole project  because a few might have a reason to remain  anon..... ****we ( ipsiwch)  don't have a dog park because a few  notivated individuals in ipswich campaigned to not have tax money be spent on  it and the thousands of  dog owners have to live witha leash law and  no dog park  --- when they pay taxes too.--
or try the immediate arguement  which heldo for years....- you can't bring a dog in here.. WHAT IF---someone might be alergic..that kind of opinion is far more detrimental  to society in general than the occasional sneeze.****i honestly do not know how schools manage a bunch of parents between  the mom who insists  her kid be included in    the calculus class thereby comprimising the group and the kid with a minor problem with a latin name  for whom mom  wants  special ed.. thereby comprimising the kid.  
 with enough testing every kid will have something  with a latin name...  remember the kid a few weeks ago who's handwriting was sooo bad i could not read a word of the note he left me.--when i asked how he was doing in math  he said "failing" -- his immediate problem there is the details of an equation are lost in poor writing.- his resason was "i can't write better, i have ADHD. "  -- which i had not noticed... and around here if a kid really has adhd... it is noticeable..
  he had an excuse--   nice kid too... what a shame--- he had excused himself from success.*****TRAINING ???SOMEONE ASKED WHY CANNED?  which is a good question .. it is about the same stuff as the dryed-- only you are paying for 78% water.however....
The canned food at this stage is because they LIKE it big time... and we use that for training--within A MONTH WE SHOULD HAVE THEM SITTING, WAITING THEIR TURN   AN and very shortly after  coming forward when their name is called...  an advance group might even learn to back up  with this cann food training method ( exclusively sdp's  !!!)*************
from pam...We need all hands on deck both Saturday and Sunday! We will be cleaning from 9-5 both days. There will be large a large white board by the Ttent with a running list of all tasks we need to complete. This will include things like putting away all winter gear, painting, raking, poo picking in all the fields, organizing storage areas, cleaning the arena, laundry room, training room and guest house, etc… We also will need help with daily dog care, so come on by! I will be here both days to help facilitate. Lunch will be provided. Thanks so much! J

]jo;;wm   ejrjk'  eij;cjsa  ;pekf
wiol'a'jfjm   why wm,e

l,kf afo[

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

april 22 2015
 object being  to let them out of thier usual sleeping and make a mad dash thru the kitchen without any messes on the way... thru the back room onto the new deck that david and  ryan built--- we did canned food once they got there... but we need more  impulsion to get the 9 out the door at once.. so i suggest they feed bowls out there next...
 probelm with canned food this time , was they were too hungry.. you have to startt that after they have had breakfast otheriwse you get too much leap and snap. instead of , if my rear end hits the deck a spoon appears,.

 today we can start the 1/2 tiny milkbones to see if thier teeth are functional... i don't have many doubts...
now on the topic of impulsion...-- i know with horses it must come from the rear- which makes the horse have such lovely floating dressage movements.. also it is the impulsion of a broom at their  butt  of a donkey or horse  that will get them to load onto a trailer... you can not pull them- if you pull,, the head goes up resisting  and the  rear end goes down... you have to push..
 the broom is ideal---soft but scary...i will refrain from equating  that to any other mammal.

that is the lesson for the day.
jack seems to be around-- that means with luck we will get a wall on the training room bathroom...progress hs been made..
he also said  he is willing and capable of helping set the corners for a new building...assumong we go there...
we will need 4 corners level with  big screw thing set in a sono tubes  filled with cement... to hold it down.... we might need more than 4.. but those are the hard ones...

 when the masterson company set the corners of the arena (60 x 80) the diagional was off by less than 1/4 inch... and they were level..  the old deagle house   10 x 6  which i built long ago , the diagionals were off by  and inch and i figured that was close...  but  by the time i got to puttin on the roof, the whole building was off by 4"  which makes trying to nail on a sheet of plywood  a very exciting  exercise--- ther is not one right angle in the place...and  you can not tell where th e  rafters are.!!.. so i did learn... a little...   i learned to get someone else to do it...
altho my siphon hose to level anything is still very accurate-- you can have 100 foot hose full of water and wherever the water level is at one end it will be at the other-- regardless of what happens to the  rest of the hose... nail both ends to a post and the water level will match.  i learned that from a union carpenter  building a barn with a big rock in the middle of it. 
moving on
mark has made so many suggestions about the food for dogfest, that he may not realize it yet, but i think he is now in charge of food.  there is no one more qualified.... !!
i never got north  to qwork with bentley for the calendqar shot-- maybe today.
 what we did do was to   sort thru the expired meds... of which we had many...-
i thought there was a rule... like batteries-- if they sell them they have to dispose of the dead ones... so i assumed george would take them and dispose of them with his... 
not true-- he said some  $10,000 fine for takeing back returened meds... or something like that...
so i callaed the ipswich board of health- they said the police station takes drugs.
which they did-- they were all setup with an old mailbox in the lobby,, he was a little shocked as i nearly filled it.-

i think it is criminal for the laws to be so absolute about expiration dates... most of whicht i -- by law-- had to trash, could have gone to helop somne shelter or another. however ... we are now current...
the drug company lobby  in congress  is not my favorite... either...
i did not dare  to give it away-- most has a lot number-- and computerws being what they are, bayer could tell they sold it to george, who could tell he sold it to me and if my label was on the jar, and i gave it awaay,, it could be traced back...
i thought of just rebagging it... and then i  noticed tiny lot numbers on each capsule... 
the police also had a sharpes container for needles too.
at least the ipswich police do...
no cut and paste...
 back to the farmtek catalog to research covers with a clear pannel in the middle for light.. maybe??