Monday, July 31, 2023

 july 31 2023

To stiltwalk or not to stiltwalk ---that is the question today... I usually stiltwalk on my birthday—and last year I was nursing a slightly angry I did not... and  all assumed I was done stiltwalking--- but just sitting here today ,my knee got over whatever the problem was... and  I --- at the moment see no reason...........


Except--- and here is a biggie---  if you are running around on stilts, why do you have a handicap license plate?   Or let me be the first to ridicule your judgement on facebook...let me remind everyone... not all handicaps are readily visable.. stop glaring at the cute little jack Russell on the womans lap on the plane.... it could be a very talented well trained  dog for his owner who is deaf....or in my case on stilts, it is a lung thing... and I literally run out of gas after about 30 feet.  As for the judgement—I have been a damn fool too long to stop now..... but it has to be a daily thing...every once in a while I can have an “almost sprained ankle “feeling  in some joint... and on those days maybe not... but right now—so far today—all systems are go.


Last time I thought of this   I looked into the guiness book of records... and how to qualify- now  someone is ready to say “see you are getting old and loosing your memory”   but I cannot remember the details --- my memory  may have gone from bad to worse, but my tenacity has gone  from  "why not?"—to "who gives a shlt.?"

I fully recognize I must be kind to my caregivers- but stepping down off those short stilts is no different than walking down steps or off a curb.. this pair is about 6 inches—but they are stilts.. the best pair are the 24 inch ones Janine usually walks on ( gwen gets the 36 inch ones) so I could be destined to  break a hip stepping off a curb on the way to the market--- for that  I would get sympathy. If I chase Fate , is that in itself damning? ( on facebook it sure is !) 


Fate is the hunter

Fate is the thing without a head

 A puzzle never understood

And man proceeds where he is led

Unguaranteed of bad or good.

Sunday, July 30, 2023


my early report on the Audien hearing device is slightly positive.  they have an interesting introduction 
where they tell you to wear them 2 hours for the first day-- and increase as you go. supposed to be training one side of my head.
good luck !
my only tech problem so far is the charging of the batteries and ? red or green? type question...
one would not think..... well....  go ahead and think !

my nightly flabbergasting is the sports betting tv ad ---- where it is 100% simple to withdraw money from your bank  into this system...
oh great! just what  every spouse of an addicted gambler wants to hear.
i remember...... one day at some horse racing track... figuring out that   daily 10 races  avg 10 horses per race -- 6 tracks in that daily paper ( the race form)-- out of those 600 horses maybe 14  had lifetime earnings that would pay  for  at least the  ammount of hay it took to get them to the age they were,
i am opposed to horse racing.... these damn fools who are desparate to gamble would bet on racing cockroaches-- so why beat up horses???and how much easier to maintain a stable--- the problem would be there is not many bragging rights about a shoebox for a stable...  maybe that is a whole new industry to investigate-- cockroach racing... i can see inventing the tubs to soak a cockroache's front legs in ice water so they can't feel their knobby knees ...there would be a whole new industry.

my dogs have a new sport of goat watching- / and barking at....because goats have  taken up the  nutt house and  used car lot.
It's a  used car lot because  it has the streamers often seen in used car lots because  they deflected the hawks when the pups were small enough to get carried away..  the #$%^ hawks would have a problem with goats...

the trash out of the cellar weighed 1040 pounds.   1/2 a ton !  i have the slip- i forget the cost -- it was over $100

and your fyi of the day    yiddish  "GAY COCKEN OIFEN YAM'"...LITERALLY MEANS "GO SHIT IN THE OCEAN"

here is a variation to the rock paper scissors....

Saturday, July 29, 2023

 i certainly had quite a few responses to the "to T-Pee or not to TP." and why would we not have someone who counted the squares???

While you move forward with these titillating toilets, I have rejected the need for toilet paper.  My study during Covid determined that every urinary experience required 4 squares of paper.  BMs (bowel movements) required more.
along with very many practical and muslim related comments-- one person said  googling TUSHY landed her in a porn zone-- i didn't have that problem but googling tuschy bidet. would solve it.

moving on to a more generic interest topic.... on a hay trip with Janine, she  started more ideas than i can cope with in one single daily doggie.... but mostly  the problems of assisted living entertainment... what is painfully obvious to me/us  is that  what is normal daily activity for us , is a monumental undertaking one for these poor activities directors. yesterday we dumped the soggie mess at the "transferr station" and went on to pick up hay--- which brought us round to the senior drop off center in newburyport and AVITA- AN ASSISTED Living place along that way too. when i talked to that activ/dir  about maybe bringing a mini horse she was all positive ( once she heard that in all of new england there is no one with more experience as schlepping donkeys into hotels than janine and me .. ) so then i came  home  and slept til 2am when i sat bolt upright and realized  we were all set to  bring 6 or 8  mini somethings without batting an eye...  we have that mini trailer - made specially for my mini hitch long ago.. and i wondered...... if we upgraded our"hog fencing"--- that 1/4 inch welded wire 8 foot pannels  which fit on the fenders of the trailer--- and add a table and "THE PIG' for donations( actually selling janine's couple books,and  some monkey fists) it would be spectacular-- and really not require much effort on our part.

 i wish i cold figure out how to fit THE BED ( that queen sized mattress on a substantial wagon) -- in the operation .... that will take another trailer... i think we already have a lawncutting trailer which could work... there are sooo many pieces  of crazy acres that can be more profitably used...--- you want to have a 2000 pound horse in full harness ?  we could dunk that biothane harness in a bucket of murphys oil soap-- let it drip dry and load "betty white "on the trailer and we would be all set to go in less than 1/2 hour. AND IT WOULD BE SOMETHING  DIFFERENT  !!!  THESE PLACES ARE CRYING FOR ANYTHING DIFFERENT...

AND boy are we good at different !
Charlestown Navy Yard
years ago== with my 8 Danes

Friday, July 28, 2023

july 28 2023

This will be a good one!

It's tough to get up every morning and try and figure out what might entertain, Enlightened or educate.. it's made doubley difficult by the fact I'm never too sure who has made a study of what----  Couple that with the fact I'm well behind most people in keeping up with modern technology--- HAVING GERRY RIGGED SO MANY THINGS IN MY LIFE, I had no idea the plumbing industry was far ahead of me.... but I have to admit that Sandy’s Remote control bathroom facility was damn interesting... And as I sat there with this funny little remote control in my hand I thought I really have to look into this more. Last night at 3:00 AM I decided now was the time..... maybe most of you already know about things like the timing of dropping a duo.( as they call it) ...but a lot of the butt info was news to me..   i only knew that trashty toilet humor was frowned upon in polite circles- 

I happily discovered that aside from the topic of the cleansing of bottoms. whoever wrote the Tushy web site passed my criteria for being factual and funny.


.   What's the first thing stores sell out of before a hurricane, snow storm, pandemic, etc? Toilet paper.  And it goes on  to a study of historical practices from the muslim world --- to suggestions about pooping in public rest rooms...  it takes 37 gallons of water to create a single roll of toilet paper,and 1.5 pounds of pristine Canadian wood.... then “TO WARM OR NOT TO WARM,.. THAT IS THE QUESTION”

That web answered more questions than I ever thought of asking in the first place--- so it is highly recommended....many chuckles there.....

Presidents and Hollywood performers have one thing in common...


And yes .... I did find the one that Sandy had down there in Tennassee..

Bingo !   there was an example of what reading that web will do for you...... the expression  “DOWN THERE.. now has a new meaning which has nothing to do with Tennassee .( and I think I remember that expression from a current tv ad...?)


As I said a few days ago ... there is more to moving an old person from “A” to “B” than the simple shifting of a shower seat. I am ready to go from Gerry rigged to high tech

I will keep you informed..... and I can not wait to hear from some of you on the topic..... !


Thursday, July 27, 2023

 july 27 2023

I HAVE TO GET HAY TODAY --- SOMEHOW...... I have told many tales about how the trash problem in the United states is overwhelming and here you have it on a very real basis.. the transfer station... which was once called a dump.. is only open a few hours every morning before it closes for the day because the trucks hauling the stuff from the transfer station to some landfill in Maine  get  backed up... so you end up sitting in line until they take another truckload out and the line quickly moves to fill it up again.. so although Janine and Elizabeth managed to get the stuff out of my cellar... I am now on hold until I can get clearance from the dump...  but at least it's out of my cellar.

by the way the transfer station charges by the pound---you drive onto the scale --- go dump the stuff and go back onto the scale and they charge you by the pound I will save that slip because there was already someone who was convinced that I would overcharge to remove the stuff... IF  I finally do get allowed to dump it I will keep the paperwork in order..

That whole process is now affecting our ability to feed the horses because that's the trailer I use to go get hey..  now I can get the company to deliver the hay to us but it would be an extra $5 a BALE.  And where we use 8 baLES  a day. That is going to cost us out of pocket $40 a day..  which I will  just pay for myself and go on----in the meantime-  the lump of  stuff to be trashed  will sit somewhere til I get THE OK  to go with it.  IT WAS ON CAMERA FOR A FEW MINUTES--- BUT SOMEHOW THAT CAMERA HAS BEEN SWITCHED TO HIGHLIGHTS OF THE OLD CHICKEN COOP... WHICH I MISS... I LIKED THAT CHICKEN DETAIL....


Nothing is ever simple.. it sounds so simple to have me just move into the guest house and I will do that quite happily but there are some things that are being ignored and left for me to solve because some people just don't understand.   first of all ---to try and get my golf cart up to the door is possible by driving up the walkway.. as long as we remove the 300 pound lump of granite sitting at the door ..  That means that I can drive up to the door---actually passed the door just to keep the golf cart level---and I will have all of three inches to spare between a post--- the guesthouse.--- and a drop/ cliff... now in this July August September maybe October also I should be able to manage as long as I'm extremely careful because that is only an inch and a half on either side but give me a little bit of ice and I'm going to be in very bad trouble..   the golf cart weighs   probably 1000 pounds  -- if it starts sliding backwards down the hill there's no way I  could bail out I don't like sliding around in a vehicle on the ice.. well I could just stay in the guesthouse until someone gets enough salt and sand on the hill and I guess that's what I will have to do or else get down on my hands and knees and crawl down the hill which I could also do.  I will manage believe me.


but the hill is only part of it-I don't mean to get into terribly personal details but there are parts of becoming a little old lady which are rather indelicate----LADIES  just don't dare get too far away from toileting facilities--- shall I call them.  ----that being said----- only a damn fool or a truly sadistic person would put any kind of barrier between the little old lady and the toilet.  Now these barriers could take any shape or form of stone walls to jump over or something as simple as a combination lock,  There could be a very Amusing comic strip with a bunch of little old ladies standing on one leg poking numbers into a combination lock----Somewhat similar to the old coin operated toilets I remember of in my youth... A funny little rectangular box much the same size and shape as parking meters--- and for $0.10 you could open the door..  and if you were very nice you held the door open for the next person so they didn't have to spend $0.10... which back then was a considerable amount of money. when cigarettes were $0.20 a pack.\


TO Continue uh this simple movement of me from A to B..  as one ages there are certain required things in addition to canes ,wheelchairs and shower seats  --there's a whole plumbing industry related to aging women..  and I am one of them.   And I will quite happily manage---- but let me ask very politely...  well let me start again---- I don't know how to ask politely what  Should be obvious to any responsible human. The more interesting question is  “just why is this necessary?”

I spent 85 years so far learning about creative problem solving-  I feel up to the challenge. 

i am on it...

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

 july 26 2023

We haven't had an official stool report in quite a while but I was thrilled last night to have malarkey wandering around whining... to the point where he woke me up and I let him out ----fortunately right under my bedroom window he showed me what happened to the all those corn cobs and a few pieces of Kleenex,,, I was extremely fortunate. to have woken (waked?)up and let him. Out... Poor dog was wandering around wondering where he could put all that.  It was one of those stools which had sound effects also.. 


There is just too much paperwork to deal with daily  living .--- judy brought  a P-Touch label maker to help me with my password problem—and I do like it... as long as I don’t ask it to change a thing – like font size—because once you do there is a 3 foot x 3 foot piece of paper to unfold so you can locate the section of the paper which is not in Chinese- and find out how to change the ribbon.


Trying to figure out the bills from masterson ( the heavy duty construction company we have used for years.....} and suddenly   I thought MARK and his drone .. when did I attack the drainage behind the stalls – when the icu building?  When did the walk in freezer cement pad happen?    His drone might tell me that ...  who knew???


Janine is due here from so Carolina  today- she specifically  is coming to get the moldy pile out of the cellar...since it has been there since 7/16--- in trying to find out the masterson bills I found a $5000 bill for doing the cellar in 2020... so at that point it was spotless --- it took the next 2 years to slowly fill from floor to ceiling...

II have great hopes that we can get it dumped and still have time to get a load of hay—same trailer.. same direction...

 I timed Janine unloading the last load of hay— 80 bales ----tossing a bale every 7 seconds onto the hay elevator—heavy bales at about 50#-----

80 bales at 50# is 4000 #. Or 2 tons....  80 x 7 seconds is 560 second – about 10 minutes... FACT.....

So why  if I asked someone to unload the hay trailer they would cringe at the  2 ton effort—then run to the gym for some exercise...  this is what owning a horse does for you... it is mandated exercise !


A bit like long ago when Ann and I took the EMT course and the  instructor  remarked about  old grannies were not up to the heavy lifting needed for emt’s---- then he gave us the heaviest guy in the class to pick up--- thinking  we would cringe—with one on each side we lifted and turned and said “where would you like him?”  we both had years of hay and “used hay”  behind us.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

 July 25 2023

lachy report -- more corn and a few papertowels..


i had a bunch of stuff to write plus hay plus newburyport-plus plus

all dreadfully dull

judy babysitting dogs( and doing job) eliz going with me

eliz does not do highway--- should be interesting

Monday, July 24, 2023

 july 24 2023

July 24 2023

Adding 3 ears of corn to the “Sunday stew” is hardly fascinating.... until...... – I had my shopping bag on the floor catching the shuckin’s  so it was a simple matter to drop in the 3 cobs from which I had stripped the kernnels – thus creating a “classified” bag of trash--- by then getting distracted, someone’s life was endangered... probably larkey’s.

I did not dispose of the bag under the security clearence necessary for that level of classification—and carlie found only the green stuff—the  3 cobs were no where to be found.. with thoughts of Dr Pol taking a corn cob out of the gut of a tiny dog- I went to bed...

This morning I found the corn cobs had made  the trip....-  thankfully they managed the trip not to the slow stately  funereal dirge producing cylinders, but rather

 they made it thru  the dane gut with the  cadence of the John Phillip Sousa march  happily finding the  exit leaving 8 mounds which contained the yellow jackets worn by the corn fragments at the start of this journey...


even with 8 mounds—requiring 16 poo pickers—I am not sure the volume was enough to account for the 3 stripped cobs. Hopefully time will tell..  what was there  had  certainly  BC..( been chewed)


 the other thing keeping me awake was.... last Sunday as SDP removed things from my cellar.... some one--- a man--- told Janine that there was water dripping from the soil pipe and therefore it was due to heat from the septic and we better have it pumped.  It did not sound right to me......Now I may. Have this wrong...and I put it out here on the dd. Because I know someone  of you camera people will  set it mind went to the fact that a car full of warm dogs will make foggy stuff on the window--- put on the a/c and where that hits the window gets really drippy wet--- condensed fog.... then at 3am tonight..... I thought .... if there are 2 pipes running parallel overhead in the basement...  the cold one will have a slight condensation on it... because cold will not support as much humidity as warm?? And is that why a spot and stream appears under my car if I sit with the a/c running?

Why ask this nonsense?????

BECAUSE. If indeed the heat from an ailing  septic system is warming a pipe in the  house and making it drip.... then we better get the thing located and uncovered ($1000) and pumped ($500).  I certainly would rather believe in my favorite RIDX—for keeping everything flowing nicely as it has---  I moved in  in 1979 and have had it pumped once FOR NO REAL REASON..... – and that was before the hot top covered the tank—but “the guy”  said it was functioning perfectly at that point/. So I am looking for another 30 years ... which all seems to depend on  “WHICH PIPE DRIPS”. 

Sunday, July 23, 2023

 july 23 2023

Thanks to ?judy price?( I hope I have that right......). for sending us the slow cooker--- I am going to try and have the old fashioned Sunday stew today---  bunch of chicken and veggies in a pot – not too usta work.....


 pasta report—he really is ready to have a more permeant home than this—even  the vet said he would be a great dog for someone who does not want to climb mountains but would like to walk around the neighborhood with a nice dog. He went on to say  perfect for someone who does not know a lot about dogs... his opinion was that the shoulder is  permanent and probably would mean that leg would be shorter than the other—he thought that having only  3 totally functional legs was the reason he had trouble  keeping up with lackey—I worried it was  his heart—but brian said heart and lungs were fine. Or pasta could stay here as permanent resident... – I do like training a puppy so I would like to “start again’   go read the poem “somebody said that it couldn’t be done” ---AGAIN


And then we have ... the hay... time for another load from salsbury---  for all you learning about horses and hay........ with the rain the pasture grass has been wonderful so we have not needed as much hay but now we come to august .. usually dryer and less grass growing—so we better move in more hay to be ready ..  go buy a bale if you can....   I wonder what the horses think of mark cutting the lawn--- all that good food going to waste????.. chickens too will take a lawn down to mud given half a chance..


Fyi of the day--- for those into chickens-----I saw one bird farmer who tried to keep green grass available for his chickens by having a frame  of 2 x 6 with that ½ inch “rabbit wire”  across the top—the theory being the chickens could not scratch and kill the roots and could just eat the  stuff that sticks thru the wire...  his seemed to work...  I never had much luck with it... but it was interesting...


And I am still looking for a few  bantam chickens--  they might be an interesting addition  to my senior visits—anything unusual would do wonders—and since pasta no longer fits in the pram, I need something that will fit—there is always wanda—who will be back from Carolinas on ? Wednesday?

Saturday, July 22, 2023

 july 22 2023

priorities --- the latest thing to go is my left shoulder--- so having that now  of limited use.  i have to decide -- do i want to reach for my pills, lift my coffee cup... or duct tape the scrapbasket to the wall.  which is----- necessary vs pleasurable. vs general improvement.---- which means. have to consider the results if i delay or dismiss---which puts pill taking at the number 1-- because i once decided not to take the dilantin on schedule and was out cold with a seizure for 4 days.
i hope my pill taking experience might help someone...

i tried to impress this on  the son of a friend who has now started having seizures and is resisting taking  the pills... at the beginning it is a shocker to realize you will never  be able to go without  medication.... that means travelilng with some  pills in the carry on and some checked..also when during covid the supply of some goods was affected  ----you grab as many as you can--- ( in my case 9 months)--- and then there is the memory part---- regardless of age--- you can forget.... so i bought him a pill case that lines up a weeks worth of pills-- the key  is ... it is clear-- i.e.  you can see thru it--  i suggested he keep it on the counter next to the coffee pot so his father-- and he-- can tell at a glance if he is on schedule.---- a nice young kid--- now going thru no driving for at least a year---on that i told him to find a girlfriend who drives --- and keep his current license effective so he can be the senior driver for kids who have just got their learning permit.-  the "oh i can just  drive this once" - forget that -- you can't,  at least untill someone who spent alot of time in medical school.. trys to figure out what pill and when.  it is  only going to take longer to figure it out if you don't do exactly what they say--- which may change.------ so behave.

That's a very difficult chore for me.....

Friday, July 21, 2023

 dd 7 21

got to hand one to the town of Ipswich.. every year I get a nice loaf of banana bread from the elderly housing department... the town also apparently has  a police officer assigned to checking up on  elders and their housing problems—he is also the  fish and clam inspector ( from the side of his truck) – I don’t know if it was precipipated by any letters from camera people- but he was here and that visablly shook the camera crowd.   I am happy to report he found no undersized oysters here and went his merry way.( I remember....... mark was also some kind of waterways inspector and I have spent time with him discussing undersized oysters......)

the officer  did say he wanted to come back with his daughter.....

which brings to mind an absolute brilliant comment from  our “chicken gal”. – she said this place is like an adult sandbox to play in...  I like that... which started my head spinning with ideas...


so.... may I brag about the number of people who enjoyed my dogs ( and judy) so far.  this week????   Monday was  Peabody day care –32. And Rainbow residential  49 – Tuesday  merimac  senior centr  43—Wednesday  wakefield ‘s Dutton center day care  40  for a record of 164

and the dogs got better each time..... R&R.  run and return???  How long does it take to train a dog to run and eat a cookie? Not too long ----now if I have a cookie back at the base location it becomes run eat cookie—turn-- run eat cookie.. So it doesn't involve any extensive dog training lessons....  for you or the dog... it does require a small frying pan.   now if we are doing this with Wanda... our residential Jack Russell terrier weighs maybe 11 pounds-- you might have to break the cookies very small and she might be less inclined to last for a large group of 30 people.. however being great Danes, breaking the cookie is not necessary and you could feed 100 without fear of filling up the dog.  


Realistically I can see setting up a program of teaching a dog to do this in the comfort of your living room with one other person to get this go eat cookie come back eat cookie routine set up..  and then you are able to go to these places and entertain people who are absolutely desperate for being entertained/. take Gemini--  he's not thrilled with the general public but he's very cookie oriented.. So when I send him to Judy.. he runs with enthusiasm..  and I found that if there's a dog in the way he simply will jump the dog and the crowd just thinks this is wonderful..  it shows you how hard pressed they are for entertainment..  but if anyone was to set this up In a serious effort..  you could have a little X shaped jump.  and teach the dog to go jump the thing and then get the cookie and this would make people absolutely thrilled. I would love to take a jump into these places with me except I just plain can't cope with one more thing  to carry....with the four dogs and the cookies and the frying ban and a washcloth which we can't let Larkin get anywheres near.. of course and a few poopickers thus far not needed... but must be there.

People are getting to know us as Crazy Acres—and are booking our return every couple weeks... now to really get official--- with someone to help judy booking these places---  and a tank of gas a week,  I will try chasing some grant money—from all the places that said we were not local enough .. we sure are now !! 
and we are getting requests to bring busloads to the farm--- i.e.  the adult sandbox-- for some relaxing  entertainment.

Our mission-----Find a need and fill it.

my idea of work !

Thursday, July 20, 2023

 no dd today--

 i am on my third night with no sleep trying to deal with the  lump of trash in my cellar 

Hi Carlene,

I have just spoken to Bill (SDP lawyer) and asked him to please try and get someone out to remove the trash sooner rather than later. He indicated that SDP had tried to get someone in earlier than Saturday; however, that was the quickest they could get anyone to respond. In the meantime, he is calling his folks now to see if they can get some heavy duty air movers placed in the basement to help dry things out.


bull puckie---last time  i called for a dumpster , it was here within the hour  

this is a huge -- don't comment --- comment
so use your common sense.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023



8. I had my patience tested. I'm negative.----- oh boy am i negative...with a comic twist....

the rumor about my eating doggie treats is close to the truth-- someone sent a bag of pork jerky

and i couldn't tell who it was for larkey or me.....--- so i tried it and it was good ! then i discovered it did give the caloric content- so it must have been for human consumption-- tho it didn't matter.. it was too good to stop.

makes me remember.. a friend worked in a silo out west somewherre and she said corn was corn and the difference between people corn and animal feed was minimal. she fed her kids "sweet feed". a very common mixture for horses with molasses. she said there was a big fuss over a few bugs. 

such a big fuss over such a little thing---

now that is the punch line from the tv show "MASH". where the nurse flips back the blanket to prepare a soldier for shaving the private area for surgery-- i think of that line often....

and then there is the sign from when i was younger......."men only"

 which i thought should be rephrased "pecker checker" 

while i am on the topic....... my husband had a doctor friend who liked to deliver male children because he would get an extra $15 for the circ.

i best quit there.  

i will go back to pork jerky.. with difficulty..=====trader joe's has some super turkey jerky and i wanted to go get some yesterday--- it has to be another "goldie" thing--- because i talked about it and sure enough i got some in the mail that day 

here is a worse concept--- my phone - i really need a way to carry it conveniently and have been thru many

fannie packs, and shoulder packs- and there is nothing quite as convenient as putting the phone in my bra--- and i told judy that.. out loud i mentioned a bra.....ok.... so i went to my computer after mail call and the first ads to pop up were for bras.

that is the gospel truth... and i plan to test it again (if i remember). 

does alexa or siri listen for more than their names????

guess who 

 Lotsa topics.....worms --- aging---- and trash


Biggest fyi of the year...... I am appalled at the number of patients going to Dr Pol DVM (natl geo wild) with animals in dire need  of care and teh findings- at least what they say on the internet--- are worms.   Then. I Wonder about all the people in charge of some animal that they bought during covid and are not really up to speed at caring for such an animal--   which is why I felt the need to remind everyone—especially new puppy owners— when all else fails try basic animal husbandry... ...take temps... and worm regularly...


Then Ann sent me a long  study on aging and how cognitive behavior is related to hearing aids—the use and non use therof...   but the article was far too involved for my simple reading skills—so I have asked her for a  25 words or less summary...


Now--- todays real problem is  aging as it is related to trash....i,e,  that  mess in the cellar-

Some of the blame can be mine because I did not---- in the past year ---go to the cellar even to walk thru. To see what was happenng... because that mess took 6 months to a year to collect – I was not there to see what was happening--- but nor was anyone else who should have been  in charge... --- please do note.

Having said that... many people took a huge quantity of just plain “stuff” out of there on Sunday....and  as jen said “ the rest is just trash so we can leave it”   which  they  now here I am Wednesday—with the soggy mess of  crap cooking in the cellar- it should --- in my opinion--- have been at least dragged out onto the driveway so we could have used the past few  nice days with fans  to try and get clean order reestablished... but I am too old to do it myself and no one else cared enough to do it last Sunday.  That cellar was so nice with it’s epoxy floor/walls ---and I lost track.  



now for real camera comments ..
10:40 HD----that dog hasn't moved in over an hour
10:41 HD- i don't see him breathing. shall i call the police? 

be realistic-- if he is not brreathing, it is too late to call anyone anyway

PLEASE. don't call unless 10 camera people agree !!!

Monday, July 17, 2023

 july 17 2023

 today----2 adult living places today plus get 4 bales of hay from the back barn at meridith to the back 40 pasture..  the exciting part will be both judy and tina wll be  onboard-- with 4 dogs. .. tina is new.. so it will be a trial by fire   we might have judy ride in the back with the 4 dogs--   remember no seat,,,, the first place is a day care center in peabody-- seems to be a drop off/ pick up deal.. the second one is ( i think) a live in situation.... the first will be normal-- the second... more fun... as they have their own resident "judy"  who keeps the conversation flying-- and  she has a license plate on her car ****. K9****.. that is the place where all the staff came out to see the dogs in th parking lot-- and suddenly realized there was no one left in the building..... so it is a bit??? more relaxed???
 then somehow get 4 bales of hay to the sheep at meridith. 

i was pleased at meridith to see a bright orange monkey fist laying in the tall grass-- i did 2 of those so they would not loose so many scissors/ hay string cutters.... and it works!!  all sorts of tools are missing around here--- hammers... fence pliers..6' long crow bars( are only 1 inch tall the other way)--- someone with a metal detector would be a helpful volunteer.

there is a significant logistic problem  with sdp going out ... eliz moving in. and me moving over--- and having to throw away an huge bunch of stuff.
there are a few things that might  survive for a silent auction-- i have some  respectable  antique things and some pen and ink ---- mostly donkeys..

a group of volunteers made a good start at clearing the "stuff" out of this house...they worked in the cellar for several hours - i didn't watch that. i did just sit and count the number of storage containers that left the "sun room" which had been donna's "doggie bag" store. with all it variations of mailing boxes and bags.... i stopped counting at 22..  there still is a huge pile in the cellar which they say is just trash and  will be picked up by the trash people..
i am trying not to look.. i certainly do not need a thing-- but some of that trash calls to me. at least to put it down on the street????

my significant FYI of the day-- and i have only 10% of the facts.... there is a bird guy now on same channel as  DR POL's- he had a show on water in the west--- and how some is more heavily saliniated than the ocean because of  the drought and evaporation on the a thing on the  significant IQ of the ravens

got to look up  "quoth the raven....Nevermore"

Sunday, July 16, 2023

 july 16 2023

i knew it---- all i did was make a few training suggestions-- which i thought were pretty good ones. and i still think the concepts i was making were good ones to maybe help any pup in training...

i also had a second discussion ready for today..... -- which i have had many times before-- about whenever you handle an animal ( or a child) you are training it.. and keep your eyes on the dog's head ... 

i am 100% unaware of any judge telling me what to say or not say -- somehow that sounds un-American...

moving on ----got to stay above all that......... i did see mo yesterday--she does personify "gaunt" and missing alot of muscles in her rear end... but eliz had her out on a lead line to graze off the lush lawn of meridith-- and mo managed to wander off to the neighbors when we were not looking...

when we got her back she non-chalantly scratched her nose on the side of the barn.....and i thought....... if she was in any pain or feeling "poorly" she would never have made the effort to scratch her nose...... that is an animal observation worth remembering... i dunno where i learned it, but there is some truth to it.

i think janine is trundling off to new jersey for a refrigerator-- then to arlington and finally to aiken where she will wave her hand over construction of her house then fly home- leaving car and trailer there. she plans to winter there... not summer...

my assignment is to move 4 bales of hay a day to the back pasture at meridith- til janine gets back...... i did hear some discussion about 2 "standardbred" who would not be coming here yet... that would be 2 amish carriage horses out of the auction. standardbreds are the trotting race horses -- in harness with the small 2 wheeled cart behind.... they make perfect carriage horses when they stop racing.... the problem for them is when they stop being carriage horses they end up "on the wall" at the auction.

apparently there is a standardbred rescue outfit who can take these.... this equine rescue network is much more involved/ connected than i had realized... when i mentioned to janine her schedule did not put her in the right place to go to the auction, she said "oh but my friend xxxx. will be there". somehow they look. these over online and discuss the who what and where.. to "get the job done..." there is a network of "janines" 

got to mention-- i hear tales of auctions in general being the nightly amusement in the carolina area.. things like ---"wednesday is kitchen equipment,and goats, . saturday night riding horses and saddles...'

the tales make it sound like a very jolly community to check that one out. jolly is damn good.

mo itching last winter.