Tuesday, February 28, 2023

 feb 28 2023

i am thrilled -- there is a guy who is interested in the dog park concept... and i am getting soooooo many photos from across the country-- and sooooo much creativity... it is a challange...i would love to be on his committee... but i certainly do not want the responsibility.. i have enough with this challange of  making 100 people a week smile at my 3 dogs as they pat them...
fantastic ( aka mind blowing) discovery or realization... the people who run the senior drop in centers are delightfully cheerful... and the activities director is likewise--plus teh attendees  smile and pat away......... and then there are the nursing homes-- which we also go to.... the people who run those are fearful, and have a bunch of rules to which we must ( and do) adhere (rabies cert ) .....and the "inmates"  really really really smile.  so we have a good thing going... plus there are several  senior centers  who have "booked "me to speak ( aka rattle) as far away as april...  and are  thrilled to hear if they get stuck and someone doesn't  show i can be drafted with 5 minutes notice.
i take that "clients tale" to sit next to me  and all i have to do is glance at  it to start up  on another topic...  every job had a pequilar angle...
it works best if Judy comes along as my external hearing device--- otherwise i have to draft some kindly soul to repeat questions...
Judy is also an incredible  automatic talker--- it is like i wind her up before we go in-- especially alzheimer  patients who will ask things like "how fast can a rat fly?" over and over again.... it is also a perfect spot for Alexa-- actually Judy is one step better because she keeps answering and smiling... incredible... 

the whole thing is working....and expanding the local.  SDP reach.....something  the Cummings foundation  likes to consideer when issuing grants....
as is the ERN activities----like  wallace riding new horses and me going for a load of hay-- interesting the donkey camera seems to have more than 1/3 rd the number of viewers as the mail call camera...  and 40% are male.... very strange. --- constant contact who delivers this to emails has stats also which show 65% are over 65 years old..   i don't know how they know all these things... or why .. or who ... cares.

i am very protective of  our mailing lists-- and i know constant contact is also...

judy uncovered a book of old photos... it is tough to decide which o show when...
 seeing as i was just talking about holding reins trying to turn 8 horses.... i found a photo of me learning....note i am about to fall over extending the ''outside' lines..

Carlene White

Monday, February 27, 2023

my chair is fixed.... when all else fails try the internet....i was so determined not to go back to that horrid shop owner--i never thought
i do alot of never thoughts..
i found a new place to run the dogs early in the morning... the staples parking lot-- full of snow and no cars......i just drove slowly around and they followed... until some one stopped and offered to help catch them..i  was sooooooo pleased  with just a tap on the horn and all 3 spun around and ran to the car door.
pride goeth before a fall---i shouldn't have told that one,.

 news....that teacher that got beaten by the 6'6" kid looked in pretty bad shape.....she was flat- no movement... if she hit her head badly enough the "kid" could be up for murder. violent children seem to be a new thing,... back when... there was an area out behind the barn for those kids...
and i hear the country is out of adhd medication... i wonder if the 2 are related???
what do i know...? not too much... but i  watch...how often i see a kid pulling on his mothers had because he wants to run---heaven knows which direction... i know that.. but it does look very like a dog on a short leash who just NEEDS  to run. kids are just baby animals  and have  you not seen how baby animals have to run around??? and they look so cheerful doing it./
educators knew that--- that is why we had physical ed mid morning because you coul d not keep the kids in their chairs...  then someone decided to do away with that  - i don't know where we are now but i did hear it was so the students could have 28 minutes more of classroom learning.

as for "time out"  punishment... i always thought it was 100% counterproductive-- 
and to have a child on a leash?? maybe 1 in 100,000 would actually need it-
 i don't think i have ever seen a child on. a leash in any other country
not having a recipie did not stop me from making sweet rolls--  with enough butter brown sugar and karo--on  any bread combination would be good
that started out to be naan-- nice simple... dietetic indian  naan.... and then i saw the brown sugar... 
come on ipswich look at this creativity !!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

 now here's something you may not have thought of.....

Since William Huber moved to California, I'm very nearly desperate for an artistic photographer. today or tomorrow but not much further.. why would I be so desperate/---- well I would like to do a calendar with the dogs and the stone walls at Meredith.. and Tim thought a calendar might be fun also seeing as they're his stone walls ----- in the calendar there are always January and February photographs that are usually lovely snowy looking scenes.. so that in August when you're trying to put the calendar together there is no way I know of to fake snowstorms....

we have more snow coming next week.... and it could be the last photographable snow .

well let me take that back---there was a Blizzard couple years ago--it was the day we were going to shoot a movie in Harvard square---and they wanted fresh snow which they were getting I think probably about 18 inches of it so far.. as I parked my car, I noticed I was right behind a huge snowmaking machine.. which the movie business had ordered.. because they wanted fresh looking snow which they were getting but they didn't want to take a chance and having piles of plowed up snow mixed with sand—so they covered it,,,, in the blizzard...

I believe that was the Blizzard where I met the guy who decided to bottle the snow in the water bottles that everybody had and sell them to people or across the country that were not having a Blizzard.. totally absurd... except he was selling them ! that movie went on for 10 days and I continued to see him bottling the snow

and I never got a final count on how many he sold but the fact he sold any was a statement to creativity.. I could see the fancy directors in Hollywood with a bottle on their desk of Boston's Blizzard.-----that's not an awful lot different than the vials of puppy breath that we sold and still sell if anybody wants one.--We sold those for $8 each... and one camera person return a vial to me for a $5 refill.

moving on to other wacko movie stories.. There was a movie where they hired a guy who climbs trees (an arborist??) To climb a specific tree in Manchester, and. Tape the leaves back on the  tree..

I was involved in a situation on wingaersheek beach where they didn't like where the sun was so they blocked it out and put up another one.. or how about the dog-- a dane---- in a BMW convertible beautiful red--with his feet up on the dashboard going 50 miles an hour... which we couldn't do where we were so they moved in a mammoth fan on a trailer to make the hair of the driver and the ears of the dog blow backwards... That was our  Harlequin dog feisty did that commercial..  Then there was me with my bag of crabs being paid for six days ---4 in the morning till 6 at night keeping my crabs alive as the tide went in and out so that the minute the director called for them they would be alive and dripping wet and no they didn't want lobsters they wanted crabs ...you don't argue.

 Was kind of where I ended up with that barrel with the straps over your shoulders that can be worn for  a party...


I believe the IRS ruling is that if you buy something which you need for your business or at least you intend to need for your business---it is deductible--well I was a legitimate member of the Massachusetts film Bureau.. And I knew that the film industry could require absolutely anything at any time so if I purchase something to have just in case someone asked for it ----it was deductible..   ..  I am certainly no tax accountant but that concept started accidentally When some director  called for A beat up wooden ladder---which I had--and suddenly made money with it---so therefore it was part of my business --The fact that it then got painted yellow and is leaning on the wall in the bathroom holding up towels.. didn't matter... at one point it made me money.  it is a super  space saving towel holder...

There's a lot of that stuff around here---or at least there was until janine's cleaned house or barn or arena...

i still have the barrell should anyone need one...

Saturday, February 25, 2023

 wowing as i wander...... just off rt 1A  there is a gun park....... in ipswich.. 30 acres... clubhouse... meetings etc...and we cannot have a dog park ? one of the cp's told us how to do it... we need to get organized. 

Some one should start a  PETITION of Ipswich Residents who support a Dog Park and present it to the Township Supervisors at their next meeting. 
Check with the township Manager about how many signatures are needed and where to file.
Appear at the township meeting and present the Petition - they can't ignore that!
Positive actions and Support may sway their opinions! 
Good Luck!
Deb B.

i just did the news article for next wednesday which is heavy on the  guns yes dogs no??
we need someone besides me.
my goal would be to have a beer at a table   while sizzle ran in the dog park..
and i don't usually drink beer...but if it made the deal... i would....
would you believe cider????

computer onto new eyeopeners.. 


Friday, February 24, 2023

FEB 24 2023

 mark gets the gold star on his forehead for the plowing job. -- and i think he sanded too..

.but i am told just don't even try today.
someone sent me a sliding dog. which convinced me not to even try

even try.....this#$%^&*( machine has yet another way to  upset me... i know you are not fascinated by my
problems. buti bit the bullet and. took the stormy dqy to get my tax info for teh past "few" years ready foirt thaccout( i paid terh money ,,, but they dio finally insist on paperwork.)

and this machine is refusing to save it
it wants some permission for something i have never done before------

on the brighter side----

I have had tremendous response regarding the dog park business.  I can't believe how far Ipswich is  behind the world ----and I'm sure it is caused by a small group of people who got on some board or another and told me why can't I keep my dogs  in crates like everybody else in this town --they have no respect for a dog and frankly they have no respect for someone who owns a dog.. while paying taxes too..... because the rest of the world have lovely parks with benches and picnic tables and all sorts of toys related to agility.. then my daughter Gwen of course found the ones that serve beer ---Can you imagine it a dog owner drinking beer in a park that's owned by Ipswich??? this just is never going to happen... but it's interesting that the rest of the world can do it and have no trouble   the trouble that the neigh sayers of Ipswich will quote is that it would be awfully noisy and it would be very very smellyyou'd be walking around knee deep in feces-- I can hear it now----- somehow the Rest of the world manages...


 I do have to quit there because of details farrrrrr too  argumentized than the dd can cope with...

I will try the newspaper...

well i tried having a brighter side.....the neigh sayers have got to me..... maybe tomorrow

Thursday, February 23, 2023


FEB 23 2023
I'm always very happy to be able to deliver a piece of information to all of my readers that they probably haven't known before----- and today... my bit is the fact that there is a #200 painted on the top of several vehicles as identifying marks----- today I find from the war that those vehicles are carrying dead bodies... and I thought I'd never see that again until just a few minutes later there was A fire department vehicle AT an accident. and darned if it didn't have R 200. on the top of it. so there you have your strike of brilliance for the day..


Well for those who like to understand details........

several people sent me the Budweiser accident which I did watch several times with great fascination and great admiration for the way those horses are trained and the faith they have in their handlers.. I don't know of course how or why the accident happened but I can speculate... remember I have driven 8 donkeys... and I have spent time with several of the men who drive the budweisers and coors hitches on how they hold their reins.........when you're driving 8. you have 8 lines in your hands and each line goes to two horses so the number one line going to the lead team goes to the left side of the left leader and the left side of the right leader so when you pull that reiN  you turn both heads and theoretically both horses in that direction.. now by the time you have eight horses out in front of you even if you turn them slightly you end up with miles of leather in your lap.. a right angle  turn can easily involve 10 or 12 feet of reins to just the leaders.and that is just the start....... because WHEN . 

you TURN..... make sure that your 2d team does follow in the footsteps of the 1st and certainly by the 3rd team , they reallllllly must not cut the corner  because...if you're in a crowd in a parade the whole business would cut the corner and you'd kill people you have to be sure that if you've turned your front bunch to the right you have to hold your 2nd and 3rd team to the left  until it is time to turn...GOT THAT? 2 LINES  TURN RIGHT... HOLD 4 LINES TO THE LEFTAND LEAVE THE BACK 2 ALONE TO PULL THE WAGON....WHICH... IN SECONDS ... CHANGES TO LEAVE FRONT 2 ALONE. TURN 2ND TO THE RIGHT—HOLD THE 3RD TO THE LEFT AND LEAVE TEH 4TH PAIR ALONE.


one of the functions of the second guy “on the box” seat.... is to help keep all this straight.....so IN THIS ACCIDENT...... as the budweisers stop and stand... that second guy turns to deal with the dog—and that is when the lead team turns and gets in trouble.... so I can assume one of the lines is caught on the movements of the second person. Who by the time he jumps down... they are really Twisted.


Fortunately they  are beautifully trained to whoa--- which they did after the one fell...—and he stayed pretty quiet until they got all the harness off and he popped up without any further confusion...you can see them “pulling the lines” and letting them fall in a pile behind them... because to get the one horse loose... AND LEAVE 4 LEFT DRIVEABLE.....they had to disconnect LINES IN  8 places—AND....... THE LINE TO THE  LEFT LEADER IS SLID THRU A RING ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD OF THE 2ND, 3RD, AND 4TH HORSE BEFORE IT GOES UP THE THE DRIVER ON THE WAGON.—SO TO COUNJT THE SLIDE THRU’S THE 2 LEAADERS LINES SLIDE THRU 6 AND TEH SECOND TEAM HAS TO SLIDE OUT 4----AND THAT IS just the lines.

There is another bud accident from years ago... I think it involved a twist to the right also.








Wednesday, February 22, 2023

 Lots of  help on the dog park bit.. Mostly unanimously ipswich is way behind the times.. I can remember when somehow I was in front of some town official or another who was of the mentality “why can't you just put your dogs in a crate like everybody else”... and that's the  Ipswich where I live...


now even better than that-----I think it was Beth who sent me-----"I just watched a bit on the Murdaugh trial on YouTube and they have someone testifying about sound - I really don’t understand the context in the trial.  I did hear him say that sound dissipates 6 decibels for every “twice distance”. .. That's what I spent so much time trying to explain to Ipswich when I got told to put my dogs in a crate like everybody else.. hopefully that will come down to haunt those people involved..  we do have a new town manager who so far sounds reasonable I should make an appointment...

that's another thing I would like to explained to Ipswich... all it takes is one loud mouth to take over any concept and then there's too many people who will just follow the loud mouth.. oh you can't have a training facility in Ipswich because it would smell 600 feet away.

Right----why can't they test this kind of thing--- well where is the science department of the high school..


Is science in Ipswich the process of memorizing facts—or could it possibly be developing a thought process—of proving statements made

At random.. wouldn’t that be a shocker...???prove????proof???? Q.E.D


Geometry was my eye opener ..   take a statement then prove it. 3 points form one and only one plane--- prove that geometrically... when it is obvious practically with the 3 legged milking stool--- or tripod etc...and practically how many matchbooks have you slid under the 4th leg of a table so it becomes  in the plane of the other 3????—one whole year in high school with a very impossible woman standing in front of me saying prove it !!  she would not believe anything til you proved it...i did not realize then what wonderful mental exercise it was.....    --- one other high school teacher. Mr Brown. Physics... climbing up on a table so he could demo dropping things...  and he was so tall he had trouble standing straight.. and then the pendulum which would not hit you in the nose as long as you just let it go and didn’t shove it.


I always try and get some simple math/science fact in the news when possible.... the dog park design will get me into the most area for the least fence is a circle--- or if  only straight lines..... A square---- for example only----

 10 x 10= 100 sq feet  of play area for 40 ‘ of fence.... 

  1’ x 100’ would also.  give you 100 sq feet but need 202 ‘ of fencing. Ok you would have trouble playing. In 1’. But I said concept only.

my point  will be.  more fencing to stretch out running..

Chew on that for a while.


Gwen .... in north carolina gets the prize photo. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

 feb 21 

We're out of hay and it's snowing gonna turn to rain and the truck from Canada is not going to be in till noon .. By noon it'll be raining but we're gonna have to have to get the anyway and they'll just have to feed out the top layer quick ---they feed it out so quickly in this weather then I'm going to go ahead and get it and we'll put it in the barn Meredith they use about 8 to 10 bales a day that's a week's worth in this weather it can't go sour at that time the next problem is the truck from Canada is very late such problems as I have.

Moving on with the dog park problem and looking around at what's available--. Ipswich is actually one of the worst dog oriented towns around ----I haven't yet found any that restrict the leash to six feet This is getting to be a problem for a lot of people besides me to get the details I'm going to need to really really hit it head on because what I would like to do is to have it be a law that if you can't have a dog running loose that the town has to have a a dog park for their dogs citizens certainly for their dog owning taxpayers


what really frosted me is we have some sort of shooting range in Ipswich for gun shooters and we don't have a dog park so I have some research to do not my favorite so just to take a bite of the problem within size if anybody could whittle away at Essex County in Massachusetts look up all the towns and find out what the regulations are and get me a what they would call it a spreadsheet with information that would be very helpful general tackle eastern Massachusetts and stuff like that but I'm really getting an education here hopefully.. that gun bit... imagine that... deal with a gun shooting public...  I guess that would be a wise decision otherwise they'd shoot you at least if a dog gets out of control all you get is bitten I guess I better go but I need I need help on this guys come on the article the first article will hit the news tomorrow but the second article I want to have people respond to it and really get something going I don't know whether John would be fussy about whether people had to be from Massachusetts or not at any rate let's get some heavy duty pot shots....   one liners.

Some of the responses I have had are really quite sophisticated and pleasant and how people enjoy sitting around while their dogs were up and play there's even one dog park which involves a small farmhouse where a group has a knitting club while the dogs play we. In Ipswich  are just way behind .


Have at it  guys I'm counting on you

Monday, February 20, 2023

 big morning in the email department--basically words of encouragement from 3  men who are important  in my life.  steve, charlie and john.. i was worried that the article i wrote for the ipswich news was a bit too snarkey about this town not having a dog park....but john seemed to like the fact that it would get people talking.....SNARKEY  is a speciality of the house....maybe if i can get the dog park concept off the ground, i can start on the black screens and use the power of the press to have a whack getting people talking about  the  black screen epidemic.

after all.... the mental restrictions of a 6' leash are not a lot different than  the  frozen mental state of staring aT A BLACK SCREEN FOR 8 HOURS A DAY...something about "never stop learning"


I DO HAVE ALOT TO answer today. ... along with normal problems.....  
is the hay guy open today????  meridith is needing hay,...
amazon was to deliver a trailer hitch by 10 pm last night....
 because my ball has gone to south carollina with janine... 
so i ma usuing carlie's ball on my old old donkey trailer
 which i got baCK FROM family of bella and george
driving it 20 miles home... minus license plate,,, elect connections. etc..
we made it- now to get it to janine's trailer friend  to update...
it is a lovely trailer for animals under 4' tall...
if i can just get it across ipswich without police noticing...
.it is aluminum and in perfect shape...

judy found the origional paperwork.... 1993 !!!  

Sunday, February 19, 2023

 feb 19

sweet potato crunchies-- now that it has got cold again... the first thing--- i start the  iron stove ---slice some sweet potatos legmth wise - add some olive oil and seasoned salt stuff all in a fry pan- and by the time  the stove has burned thru 2  batches of wood  the potatoes are soft-- the third batch of wood they are a bit blackened and very crunchy- i suppose with precision cooking you could hit the semi black stage... but i am not into that type attention...  the souis vie  with the  chicken legs done anytime between 2 and 5 hours suits me  better. 

Among other things I am on a dog park kick---Ipswich has none---and my intro to the concept is “  if you are a tax paying citizen who has a family member who happens to be a dog.......and you move to Ipswich your dog’s freedom will be restricted to a 6’ leash.”

 I have a few   of judy’s pictures of dog parks in surrounding towns but if any of you people out there could get some spectacular pictures for me that would be very helpful.

looking up Ipswich dog parks I ran into about eight parks that were absolutely beautiful.. but I noticed none of the names were at all familiar to me and I realized I was in Ipswich in Britain.. yes indeed have some absolutely lovely places---British they have a far better attitude toward dogs in the first place.. I'm not sure if Americans did all they could to deserve the bad attitude to  our dogs because Americans have not been very well trained.. or responsible.  Fact remains that doesn't help the dog. there are a lot of people who walk their dogs at the bottom of our driveway and I wince every time I see one trying to have a bowel movement while the person at the other end the lease hasn't even noticed and it's getting dragged along.. talk about having  personal freedom removed... that has to be the ultimate.

so with that in mind.  i would love   to have some photos or engineering design of some spectacular dog parks.. just to see what I could get going with a bit of luck in Ipswich.   of course the first complaint would be it smells... I have yet to find anyone who can smell a pile of poo standing 5 feet away so if that's your complaint about dogs then please stand up get your nose out of the pile.. As for the sound I've been there done that a barking dog under one goal post on a football field cannot be heard under the other one 300 feet away if the birds are chirping in the meantime.. I have lost five audiometers to various Ipswich residents and officials

to no avail.. the loudest and the wrongest.. have the attention .

not unlike the news?

Tho... maybe now.. someone has asked the question.. if it is allowed to be called news. Is there any fact checking?

i remember when the editor of the ny times was MUCH MORE than he is now....

now... andover dog park -- come on ipswich 

 feb 18,, and 19a?

Listening very carefully to the news -----as I always do.... That murder trial opened a few windows for me.. they said and I saw on print the spreadsheet involving the use of his cell phone and the cell phone had recorded the number of steps he had taken here and there during a certain time. Which means they probably had it for every step he took ---*and details like as he drove down a road he slowed up at a certain place which happened to be where her cell phone was found -----well the concept of the cell phone keeping track of all those details has kind of blown my mind--- I can just hear what my cell phone is telling the world -along with Alexa telling everybody the language I use when the microphone is not on.. I wouldn't think anybody would want to know all this stuff must be taking up an awful lot of storage someplace in the cloud... till some balloon comes along and pops it.


in an effort to put together a concept for the newspaper I went out there on the Internet and typed in Ipswich dog park. And I was given a list of Ipswich parks---well I lived here for 40 years and I didn't really know that. the park at the end of linebrook road was listed as a dog park.. well it's not fenced in which is the first problem so I did go look it up on the web and it's that it was subject to the laws for all parks in Ipswich... number one law don't drink---   number two law  carry out your trash. and number three law here comes the biggie. no dogs allowed ..


I've been asking around and I am told. Ipswich is not dog friendly.. well where did they get that from so I typed in a little more Ipswich and dog parks and there were some wonderful pictures of dog parks and then I found I was in Ipswich England

-----Ipswich mass just has a bunch of parks but you can't take your dog there God forbid they should be fenced in where the dog could play.. so if you move to Ipswich with a dog.  The poor dog is destined to spend the rest of his life on a leash that's no longer than six feet which is the other law Ipswich has about dogs I do believe.. I have a little more research to do---so far every town around Ipswich has a fenced in area for dogs to run off leash and play but Ipswich does not seem to I will keep looking and if anybody can correct me let me know. 

Friday, February 17, 2023

 feb 17 2023

 we --- judy and i..... whoever we are....?crazy acres? are well over our. goal of 100 people being cheered and allowed to pat our 3+ danes... even jiminey is getting into the swing of it.-- the+ part is wanda-- who runs along behind us on these trips-- she is getting to know she gets back in the car and goes back to wherever janine is.------  so 4 dogs... 2 bags of groceries.... the posters for speaking....a 25 foot  jumper cable as yet  to be twisted back into the carrier 2 coffee cups and a bag of trash pulling the horse trailer from the  trailer fixer guy.. my poooor car.
one thing he said he fixed was something about a bearing  with no grease that would have overheated enroute to south carolina---  sound familiar??? like ohio???? the more. i hear  about ohio, the more it resembles the cowboy expression   "you want to drink upstream from the herd" 

the dead fish is a bad thing--- i also saw an oily slime on the surface of some stream which made me wonder if we are talking a chemical solution or suspension...

From maybe the one lecture in chemistry that I did not sleep through I remember at least the words suspension and solution... which were best illustrated by my mother who did not like to have us add sugar to the iced tea and then not stir it up enough so some sugar got wasted in the bottom... So what she would do is boil some water and then slowly add sugar until she had a solution  sugar syrup which when poured into iced tea or anywhere it did not sink to the bottom.. But went into solution whereas adding ground up sugar straight to the iced tea the particles of sugar never disappeared.. so if you look up suspension and solution the official bit seems to have to do with the size of the particles involved.. which is very complicated and much easier to remember when you think of my mother being annoyed about the sugar at the bottom of the ice tea glass.

I have a feeling the bit in Ohio will be easier to clean up if whatever it is is in suspension... Nobody seems to mention the names of whatever got spilled so it must be pretty bad.


I do have one other story about chemical cleanup.. we had a tiny piece of property which was a gas station since 1915 Until the 1980s when we decided to have it be something besides the gas station.. which meant we had to clean it up.

being a gas station for so long they had been changing the oil and just pouring the old oil down a drain in front of the building.. but when.  all the EPA regulations came into effect the gas station had to hire somebody to take out the old oil ----which they did ----and those people just took it out to the street and poured it down the storm drain ...consequently the ground was a mess but there was a way of cleaning it up  by some cleanup mechanism of slowly pumping the groundwater... Through some kind of filter for about 20 years—made me wonder what they then did with the particulates they filtered out...  but at least it was not in the ground water...


it was a gas station  when my father  told of having 2 or 3 tires strapped to the back of the car  and stuffing them with hay ----there is also a picture of him driving his sisters to  and from school in a pony cart—it was a long time ago. 


there is so much i don't understand..   if you run for office-- president or otherwise-- if you loose  what is your source of income then?

 certainly not unemployment???? 
why would anyone want to be president... 10% get shot at. ---- a terrible occupational record.  worse than garbage collectors.... which is bad.... 

Thursday, February 16, 2023

 our weekly total of "3 dog patters" is well over the goal of 100 per week.... and it is only thurs. we had 80 ish on monday in peabody

 then ( apparently ) 46 in ipswich yesterday. with a meeting today in rowley council on aging....  we might even get to 200 for teh week....
there is certainly a need.. take any group of bored, grim faced  people  who for one reason or another have been deposited in the care of adequately trained  but terribly overworked nursing staff and enter my 3 dogs-- smiles break out and people  talk to each other...

by some federal law, i am sure,,,, well  i'm not all that sure.... but i bet each one of these places has a board of directors who insist in seeing a schedule of activities for  these poor people who can often be seen sitting stonefaced in front of a bingo board...
every place we go to  there seems to be one person called "activities director"  who's job it is to fill up this schedule of activities to keep the board happy........ how much bingo can they all play?????  it sounds like such a simple job-- and it is ... for about two weeks- then the  poor director hits the wall and is out of ideas... so when our goofey bunch of dogs come thru  the door, they are thrilled-  all they have to do is just walk around..... keeping all 4 feet on the floor......and every one is thrilled.-----comments i hear ??? "great i can talk about the dogs for the next week......"  hey--- there is a whole world of  people  in desparate need.. and.. there sits the BLANK SCREEN OF THE very stupid  SMART TV-- THERE IS ONE IN EVERY PLACE WE GO. TO....AND IF JUDY ASKS TO TURN IT ON... THERE IS A GREAT FLURRY OF ACTIVITY AS EVERYON E SCRAMBLES TO TRY AND FIND THE REMOTE... PURE COMEDY-- IF IT WASN'T SO PATHETIC,






heres another musical instrument video

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

 There are sooooo many funny stories about trying to make commercials and movies 

 i am supposed to "speak" at. the ipswich adult care center today 10- so i sat in my bed remembering things that are now hysterical.
. but at the moment caused a spike in my blood pressure..

my eventual "take" on the job is... people write scripts for movies--
 but what happens behind the scene  you can not begin to write.

from roger williams, the swans, BOSTON COMMON  and my leaking canoe---
to ed bigly jr. running 3 blocks in down town Boston in his shorts because he was a vegie and would not touch the meat for the dog.
to cher, merxxxx, and me with the 3 triplets playing the old girl scout song....kookaberry sits in the old oak tree
TO GETTING 12 sheep to lie in a row at sunrise( which is only 20 minutes long-- then you would have to try again the next day????)
or  my shaving the fuzz off the testicles of a sheep in the mens room of a boston hi rise....
or one of my most profitable jobs. finding-- then keeping alive-- a dozen crabs for a week 4:00 am to 6:00pm... not lobsters... he wanted crabs.....i got crabs. and became -- for that day-- the lady with the crabs.... not to worry...i was paid by the hour...
to scouting the perfect location  UP AND DOWN RT 1A  using a helicopter and POLLAROIDs  !!!  REMEMBER THOSE????
my worst job>>> easily-- 4 pigs in harness ---santas reindeer... terrible 1 week prep....., but i got there and found... not only in harness but on a stage 18 inches high--
there is no end... i should do up a poster with the clients tail. ....... 

in new england , i was "it" and protected my reputation for "no animals were hurt" which went on all the movies i was involved with.  the only thing i ever did "wrong" was  setting fire to the shoebox of cockroches which we had picked up at a restaurant in gloucester....... i am not sure i should even mention that now....
some of the overnight news is all about bullying very few kids  fall in the middle...being a teenager is terrible--and the internet gives wings to. he problem....kids are either bullys or bullied... 
dammm internet.