Thursday, October 14, 2021

oct 14 2021

 HUGE EXCITEMENT TODAY... FIRSTLY. THE JOCKEY SHORTS HAVE MOVED. on....   sharon....-- who's family has cee cee said she saw a drop of red blood on the floor-- except for the fact that she has 6 kids, it may mean cee cee is coming in heat...-- her second-- she is ready- by all  observations so far at least...  probably sir richard.... who's potency has been verified by dna-- of the litter both he and grommet serviced...  2 fathers one litter... totally possible..  "all got the same father in heaven does not apply here...."    the fatherhood of any puppy can be established by dna....this protects any backyard unauthorized breedings.

the other big news is a puppy should arrive herre this morning 7:30 by puppy transport from georgia...-- i am told... and i may have some of this wrong...... thiws pup was purchased by a veteran. to be donated to a facility who will train it and donate it to any vet needing one.  this is not our usual  but we are not overloaded with our own why not try a few-- at least they would be a learning experience and  maybe we can produce a great dog for someone.... by "adjusting"  our  training    methods...
now let me run this by everyone......for their perusal-----
fact-- production of service dogs is on a2 to 3 year cycle.. from picking breeders to waiting to breed. gestation --- raise---   train and things like that.. it is 2 to 3 years. at the moment we are light on puppies... because 2 to 3 years ago-- for one reason or another.. we did not breed females as expected....-- therefor we do. not have puppies coming thru the "system" with our.  basic training... and... at the moment ... i think it shows--  there are pups who are not paying the slightest attention to the handlers/trainers... this is one thing george (dvm) has agreed with-- spoon feeding does alter the attention of the pups on thru their official training..-- so as we collect these dogs from other breeders who have not tried our early age training with spoon has become obvious that we have to reconsider some of our methods -- so sometime in the next few days we need to get together and swap ideas.. and shape up...  just think... how long  has it been since pam sat on puppy hill and spoon fed a bunch of beginners... when did we last pack the litter off for a run in some field-- like the fairgrounds???  -- there are things.  we need to reconsider-- CAN WE. run a bunch of dogs who have not been spoon fed??/. probably not....

there are too many things we are doing automatically which have to be reconsidered because our beginners are entirely different...

so get ready.  what may look like turmoil and indecision.. hopefully will just be adjusting to a different "given".  

I love that you are so focused on the mission that you would be willing to stay small to accomplish it.

I recently left a service dog organization, who had lost that focus. They were more worried about fund raisers and outward appearances. The volunteers, including myself as a puppy trainer, were an after thought. But, heaven forbid if you did something wrong or questioned the whys. Their way or the highway. I chose the highway. 
And the paperwork required a lawyer to read. 
They had gotten too big and had become more like a corporation. 

Thank you for staying honest, valuing the people around you and staying focused.

Have a wonderful day, 

i'm gonna try