Monday, November 20, 2023

 nov 20

So many of you tell me you start the day with a daily doggy which is very nice ----let me tell you how I start the day--- I rumble through the night with the television on National Geographic wild without the sound so if I do Semi wake I can watch them try and put an elephant's foot on a pedestal so they can trim his toenails... but at 4:00 a commercial comes on ----I can't even tell you what it's for ---however it starts with an absolutely beautiful young girl strapping her foot so she can do some perfectly wonderful. ballet movements in her perfect Tutu. Pure grace and beauty ----before the following commericals on grilling greasy  and then  exercising machines to get rid of  what that grease did to your  body fat index/


AND  IT ALSO REMINDS ME--- of the day maybe 40 years ago when a small circus was due to perform at the Cranes Castle estate in Ipswich..  they were parked quite close to us at a local farm and and we went to see them---   we being Janine, Gwen and I.

There was some minor disaster where the little girl who was supposed to lunge a horse while somebody stood on its back was for some reason unable to do that.. (lunging being.  to stand in the middle with about a 20 foot rope and have a horse  trot in a very regular circle so they could perform on his back) I was standing next to the ringmaster of such and said"well Janine can lunge a horse" and he said --- let's try it. OK so Janine got in the middle and very successfully got the horse to go around the circle and the ringmaster was delighted and  said to Janine “that's wonderful can you help us?”   and she said yes and then he said "Do you have a Tutu?"   ... at which point Janine said “ A tutu?  I haven't even got a one one.”.

that whole concept makes me laugh every time.  I don't think she was 10 years old.


Moving on to my medical report--- the home visiting physical therapist arrived and assessed my situation---  and confirmed that it was normal for a person To need to have three days recovery for every day in the hospital.. she tells me I was in the hospital for 6 days so she confirmed that I was entitled to be waited upon for aprox 3. Weeks.. And she would arrange for a physical therapist to come two or three times a week to get me up and moving... sounds interesting


it also sounds like I will have to forego any ballet movements for the next three weeks anyway.


With buds help I was able to get on to my golf cart and be turned loose on the property for about 3 hours... to welcome the latest charity project. with a bunch of veterans..  I was absolutely delighted to be able to slide into place all the pieces they need for their project the most spectacular being my 6th passenger easy go golf cart  on which I had spent considerable money to purchase and then another $3400. to get it serviced and upgraded.. it will be perfect for what they need it is an extremely rugged rough tired 6 passenger vehicle capable of the trails around the pond and into the woods for those people who are too handicapped to get there on their own so I was thrilled to have them use it.

I was also very happy to get off my own golf cart and get back in my chair....