Sunday, November 19, 2023

 nov 19 

Nov 19 –

Well I'm certainly better than I was yesterday ...  God bless whoever it was that noticed the bugs in the Petri dish did not grow where it was supposed to grow because of what now has become antibiotics... without antibiotics I would have had a gargantuan  problem today...

however I've survived enough so that I have tackled the next monumental problem around here doesn't sound like much but we don't have   "a jug.."


you know---- that jug that I used at mail call in the house,,,, a rather sophisticated banker commented on the fact that that jug was as efficient a system for handling incoming mail as any he had ever seen and furthermore it was usually within view of about 1000 people who certainly would notice if anybody did anything strange to the contents of the jug... and it was big enough the whole paper and envelopes even slightly bigger than normal size -----so in other words I could open the mail and whatever I got I can shove in that jug knowing that eventually somebody would empty it and solve the problems pay the bills whatever------historically I'm talking 20 years --- pretty much previous 20 years I paid someone $100 a week out of my own personal funds to keep my paperwork going straight.  which meant dealing with with anything in that jug. that did not pertain to service dog project. but of  a more personal nature.. ...


but since I moved to the cabin it was such a fiasco on every side that the concept our our jug was gone---- this was a bad thing because I did not have specific control over every envelope that came into the operation ----computers are wonderful. except when all else fails you need to be able to identify a source document over which there is no confusion..  in the old house it was "the jug" which was accompanied by. THE BOOK.

The book was simply a loose leaf notebook kept to the center drawer where you wrote down everything that arrived regardless of what was going to happen to it--- whatever..... it was our main source ----handwritten.  where I have to say that Linda K had beautiful handwriting and you can tell as the secretaries change with the handwriting...  that book was and is golden..

so now that I'm in a cabin I don't know what happened to my old book.. and the great turmoil oh the moldy 1040 pounds of crap that ended up at the dump.. we have started our new  THE BOOK  ---- and judy's jug. is a plastic shoe box sort of thing where everything I open should get dumped unless it's bona fide trash to begin with... and then Judy knows hay money goes one place. fun fun goes another  and our very official accountant should be really pleased,,  nothing beats a pure source..


I've seen "pure source"  written on Poland springs bottled water,,,,, same idea.


so in spite of the fact my doctor told me. I was entitled to to milk this whole thing along for a much longer time I am finding I have a few hours early morning when my head behaves considerably different than it does add 2:00 in the afternoon..

so bear with me.