Sunday, November 12, 2023

 n0v 12

From sudoku puzzles to making monkey fists to writing this daily doggy I'd like to try and keep track of how my mind is functioning .just out of the hospital I thought I was doing very well and I was... but there were several things that just weren't quite right,,  most notably having made thousands of these monkey fists for some unknown reason I just couldn't get a couple of them together--- they just keept getting tangled somehow... and then my book of snoco puzzles which before surgery I was level 4 without any problem all of a sudden level 2 just we're working out right...  So I couple those two things with the fact that I was totally fascinated by the ghostly looking creature standing in my kitchen... I could see through it and the only way I could describe it was if it were a pen and ink done in white instead of black ink everything else was appropriate.

Since we're technically incapable oh predicting or directing the way our minds will function I was concerned Then I might be faced with dealing with ghosts and things like that for an undetermined amount of time in the future however......


as of yesterday afternoon I whipped off 4 monkey fists without a flaw.. and did a Level 3 sudoku without an awful lot of difficulty and last night I did not see any more ghosts....  not too sure how I feel about that.. that ghost bit was kind of fun but I can definitely see the fine line  between realism and Alzheimer's.... And how that joy juice they give you to eliminate pain does take a while to get out of your system 100% if it ever does. --  so to be correct I must have a self-imposed driving ban until I'm positive there's no more residual joy juice left.


The elder services from Ipswich--- no--- actually they're Gloucester--are coming here today around noon and we'll see what direction anything else goes from there..  I know that physical therapy has been prescribed Which would be interesting---- I never thought it would be necessary but it might be... I feel I've had a pretty good workout every time I have to change my clothes... and furthermore with the bathroom on one side the cabin and the refrigerator on the other I do get some exercise..

  my goal at the moment is to maybe fry an egg. 

Elizabeth------ I lost track of the egg report---  with all these chickens are any of them producing eggs yet???  By the book, I think it is to be 1 egg per chicken every 36 hours...