Wednesday, November 1, 2023

 NOV 1 2023

Here's one to think about--usually when Judy and I go to a job my biggest job is to land myself on the nearest chair and have my three dogs lie down right next to me without licking anyone in the face or knocking  anyone over -----this is a very serious job but once planted ---there may be questions for me to answer but generally Judy gets in the middle of the circle and she talks and she smiles and she laughs and she is so cheerful it's incredible-----Judy having been trained by the airlines to be unbelievably sociable.. it's perfectly comfortable to get in the middle of the circle and hold an ongoing conversation with almost every person in that circle... and amazingly in places that we go to often she's begun to remember their names....AND WHO HAS WHAT DOG OR CAT !!  and then there's me sitting quietly on the edge --- I can't remember judy's name sometimes ..   I do stay busy keeping track of the three dogs---usually jimmany is right next to me in the chair. but I let larkey and Sizzle go "work the crowd"... and that seems to be a command that they now understand..


last time we were at Avita---in Newburyport--they had scheduled some sort of carnival as the end of summer activity---and it was totally appropriate for them to have and use my merry go round pig---as just a prop to set the atmosphere.

as I sat in my corner I got a good chance to watch all of their personnel deal with one group after another in this atmosphere ring tossing-- balloon popping --each group about 20 minutes at a time--and the groups varied in ----shall we say--- capabilities---


the constant thing through the hour or so that we were there ---was a new employee of theirs who had the same ability as Judy to be uncontrollably pleasant, cheerful and to some degree ----noisy..  this guy was really a good find... because he would walk into a new group of people with a very boisterous “Hi Gang”! As he bounced from one person to another straightening out a Walker---- helping them into a chair---- giving them a balloon – complimenting  on a hairdo....just one person after another with enthusiasm.. At one point the director stopped  by to talk to me and I said "Where on earth did you find this guy he's so perfect". ---she said they just ran an ad and found him but he was wonderful..


I can think of two other places they have just such a person... one is the Miscellaneous rehab place on Lowell St. in Peabody I think called Rainbow... there is a woman there who can turn any quiet room into an active participating noisy bunch......(p.s. she drives a car with a license plate K-9. – love it !)

And then there was Chelsea yesterday.. noticeably clean organized almost to a sterile environment... with all sorts of executive people walking around with polished shoes and matching outfits.... but there was one other... who eventually ended up sitting on the floor with larkey on her lap.. firing questions  at me one after another while almost holding a conversation with various people around the circle .. Have I identified a new profession of being a semi rowdy noisemaker ?  Her enthusiasm in  that semi sterile environment coupled with our dogs  Made for having people laugh and chuckle and begin to talk to each other and then ask questions of me also.

she was definitely the starter button..  further empowered by larkey.

I then came home to Elizabeth--who is a Scottish version of cheerfully talkative---while she was writing the numbers on our 3 foot by 8 foot board.. so that carly's chickens---could choose who was to get a gift from me--- namely the donkey toothpick holder---is what I said we would start with to the number one number to get

Shatted Upon..  along with runners up who get a collection of monkey fists..  her number one chicken..  is the one that she rescued from being hen packed??? and has now become her house chicken if there is such a thing.. unfortunately now to be joined by a second chicken for some reason she now has two---along with two dogs.. She also has a mother who visits regularly that I have suggested---let mom go have coffee in Carlie's place just to keep her eye on what a room with two chickens and two dogs might look like..  carly's mother is a very nice lady.... so it saves me worrying.


carly's chickens could become a major part of our visiting bit...  and reviewing our fund fund. I would like to put it out before the crowd of you $10 DONOR guys== have a look at the Chrome service cart. for about $100..   Elegant Metal Frame Serving Cart, Silver- Saltoro Sherpi  I can see elizabeths birds... or a bunny rABBIT. AND 

 carly's chickens for openers at least are a huge success.. and I could see that presentation cart but whatever you want to call it would be and very amusing way to present cArly's chicken..  and from the reaction of the crowds that enjoyed  seeing that chicken.. I think it might justify expense from our fund fund---which has the definition of “a fund of things not necessary but fun”.   And I could easily put that on the back of my Toyota... with that funny bumper holder----