Thursday, November 16, 2023

 nov 16 

I do not know why it can be so complicated to get the right numbers and the right spot in order to get things done -----ustabeeee--- when I was a kid close enough for government work really was very significant--- nowadays my life is governed by a whole bunch of weird letters numbers over 8 long with capitals and no capitals and justice get one of them wrong and you're useless

I spent a lot of time being useless..  because take a poor memory with a shaky hand and life can disintegrate pretty quickly..


so this morning and probably the afternoon I'm supposed to straighten out our books a little bit and get our hay schedule a bit better organized right at the moment we're buying individual bales of hay locally at higher cost because I'm told the hay guy had a truck problem and there's no hay up at the hay dealer...   I think it's time for me to cash a check and go up and talk to him about some special deal where I can get payment to him.... It is complicated by the time you try and unload it and stack it and all that sort of thing um but I'm wondering if I can make a deal with him to get the stuff already stacked we're we're in tough shape on the hay project right now and ****** we do have the money thanks to you guys...****** but I am offended and having to spend when I know darn well with a little more organization////and let's face it a few fewer injuries or hospitalizations or anything else we could spend our money a little more carefully... and I know he's willing it's the kind of conversation I can only have with the owner of the company..

other than that I'm told Elizabeth would like to come and lie on the dog bed and watch television with me which that could be fun um----- Janine has suggested I go with her to help feed over Meredith this morning because I certainly could drive over there how much trouble can I get into??? driving 5 miles an hour pulling the manure wagon I should be capable.


plus the car is as heated this cabin ever would be... I could drink my second cup of coffee there.

on we go