Saturday, November 11, 2023

 nov 11 2023 

i am warm... clean... coffeeed..and a bit confined..... 

And confined????.. make that physically confined which is very dangerous because it allows me to be mentally loose as a goose.  this will be short only because I have three things to write today D being one of them and I am so happy to be back in action and then I have to write something for the newspaper and I'm a little bit short on animal experience and photographs so that's going to be a bit of a chore and the other thing is to respond to an Council on Aging  report so if this is short that's please forgive.


Commenting on the things around me as I sit in my chair seeing both ends the driveway thanks to Janine new camera of the driveway um I get to watch time look at think about why things happen et cetera and I have to admit that when it can comes to schlepping animals around with complete accuracy it is possible to pay attention to tiny details a quick path here on the head a pick up a foot there and look at a toenail things of that sort that all go into the great long picture of having handled an animal there is Oh no easy way. one cannot be mentally lazy amidst animals


I wish I could answer all the emails I have which is 1.2 K considerably less once I get rid of the politicians but I do recognize everybody's name and appreciate all the good  wishes---- And your attention to detail of feeding and keeping this goldys farm going----


I hope it can return to its reputation which once enabled three people at least to get a hold of life again...  there was a policeman who had been involved in a shooting and was having a terrible time with the PTSD related who wanted some strike heavy physical activity which we gave him... then there was a veteran from I think Iraq who was supposed to be put into a hospital and he didn't want to go he had already applied for a dog from us so we ended up here one day in my teepee um and just absolutely pathetic didn't know what he was gonna do and I didn't either but I told him he was certainly welcome to set up housekeeping in the teepee if he could manage which he did for about a week I did manage to call the family and say that I knew where he was but I wasn't going to tell him... and then there was Scott Auburn---who ended up in my living room having just tried to hang himself and the knot had not held...  ultimately he survived got a dog from me he was the only one I ever did a Corey test on because he had a warrant out for his arrest and a whole lot of other things that we're just a little off the book but he's now written

a book called “Knot today”. And works with the New York State suicide prevention or something like that..


so I hope we can continue that easing   uncomplicated.  Reputation.


it's going to be very complicated to get there but I have great faith in Goldies Warriers

so hang in there/


like teh unsinkable molly. Brown “I ain’t down yet .


( I am really enjpoying ALEXA”s. broadway music.  )